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Leadership development is a must within companies who truly desire to take their organizations and people to a higher level of success. As a Leadership Coach, I love working with individuals and teams to facilitate conversations which guide them to deeper self-awareness which positively affects how they interact with others and make decisions – even in the toughest of environments.

Most people think the point of leadership development is only about improving yourself so that you lead others better. While that does happen, there is actually another really great benefit. Amy Modglin shares her story in an article in Forbes Magazine titled, “Leadership: It’s Not About You.”

Amy began her leadership experience thinking everyone would follow her and respect her because of her title. She didn’t think she needed to work at leadership because she had “already arrived.” It wasn’t until several leaders around her confronted her about her selfish attitude that she changed her attitude and realized, “I do believe that some people are born leaders and learn throughout life to become better leaders. One of the best lessons I learned was that it is not about me. When I made the transition from valuing myself to valuing my people, I was transformed as a leader.”

In the article, Amy provides several ways you can work towards valuing your people more. I know from my own experience as a leader in corporate, non-profit, and community group settings, whenever I focused on showing others that I valued them regardless of their position, it generally made my leadership role and managing difficult situations much easier over the long run.

Take a few moments today and list out the people you interact with every day at work (horizontally and vertically). Ask yourself, “Do they know I value them?” If your answer is “I don’t know” or “Probably Not,” then spend the next few weeks proactively showing them. The benefits you will receive from doing so will far outweigh any discomfort you may experience in the process of doing it.

Kris Cavanaugh Castro is the People Development Coach at Aepiphanni, the trusted advisor for business leaders who are seeking forward-thinking solutions to help them plan for and navigate through the challenges of business growth. Kris periodically writes about leadership development and facilitates change management conversations.

We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and comments below. If you are seeking advice for how to lead your organization through upcoming changes or just want to take your leaders to their next level of performance to achieve your long-term goals more quickly, consider investing in our Ascend Leadership Development Program. Learn more about the program, and give us a call with any questions you may have.

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