The Loss of Moss | Extraordinary Business

When the unexpected happens, we typically have two options: get stuck or move on.

The Loss of Moss | Extraordinary Business

When the unexpected happens, we typically have two options: get stuck or move on.

The Loss of Moss | Extraordinary Business | Aepiphanni Business Consulting 1
Keep Moving Forward
It’s interesting how life changes; it seems that there are so many times when there were things that were thought to be “in balance” that suddenly get “out of whack.”  There are those things that were taken for granted as always being available that suddenly are gone or inaccessible.

When these things happen, we typically only have two options: get stuck or move on.

Chances are, if you let yourself get stuck, you are creating or continuing a mindset that will never allow you to move beyond mediocrity.  You’ll get sad and depressed, probably start blaming yourself and/or other people and generally make the people around you miserable.

The other end of the equation is to keep moving forward.  When I was younger, I’d often hear adults say, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”  At the time, I realized that I wanted to be a mover – someone who is always doing something.  However, I hadn’t really considered the moss. Moss is likened to all kinds of issues and garbage in life that could slow you down and eventually suck you into the landscape or get you off track. Moss is the stuff that keeps businesses from becoming the thriving enterprises that they could.  It keeps business owners as “self employed” versus running a company.

Those seeking to run extraordinary businesses or lead extraordinary lives understand three things:

  1. Things WILL happen that are completely outside of their control, no matter how carefully planned an activity is.
  2. There is a certain level of risk or opportunity cost with every decision
  3. There are consequences (or results) for everything that is done or not done.

Understanding these things, and working from this perspective allows them to take things as they come, evaluate what, if any changes need to be made and take steps to move forward.  It means that, at times, they might not always know what the outcome will be.  However, moving forward, especially moving forward strategically (taking steps toward a specific vision) allows them to avoid stagnation and defeat.

While one end of the spectrum might say, “Having never tried, I’ve never failed,” those who seek to be extraordinary say, “I’ve only found success because I’ve failed.”  So many great business leaders learned to avoid problems by going through the problems themselves.  So many great entrepreneurs have found success through failure of some ventures.  In both cases, they learned from their failures…and kept moving.

Be extraordinary.  Grow an extraordinary business.  Don’t let fear, the past or inactivity keep you from having eh type of business (or life!) you’ve envisioned.

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