Managed Business Solutions for Small Businesses?

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What are Managed Business Solutions?

You probably didn't roll out of bed this morning wondering what are managed business solutions. But Managed Business Solutions could be the key that gives your growing organization the essential resources it requires to keep progressing in the marketplace.

Managed Business Solutions allows a business to increase its productivity more efficiently and effectively than using traditional hiring practices. Managed Business Solutions provides your company with additional managed staff to fill roles such as marketing, HR, IT, Management and other roles.  These roles are staffed by a third party agency who will take responsibility for onboarding, training, and management of staff members. Managed Business Solutions is often engaged when a company is growing rapidly but wants to conserve cash and maintain productivity.

When you Might Consider Managed Business Solutions

A lot of things will change while your company is growing. Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to get the right people in placed and trained while keeping things moving. Through our consulting practice, we have often helped our clients develop and staff roles to support the expanding needs of the business. Once the role is created, of course, someone needs to be hired, get trained in the role and the role has to be monitored for success. Which, if the company doesn't have the infrastructure to do, can lead to challenges and significant costs to fill the role. Which is why Manged Business Solutions can be a key resource in supporting organizational growth.

We have developed Aepiph360 Managed Business Solutions specifically to support the needs of Small Businesses. These are temporary roles that we develop, staff and manage, giving the business owner the ability to get the roles filled quickly. While working in the roles, we are able to establish processes, create standards and allow the business to gain increased productivity as a result. Once the position is established, you as the business can take the appropriate amount off time to fill the role and train the new team member or we can certainly help with the transition.

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