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  • CONVRG Integrated Marketing
  • WistBooks Financial Management, and
  • AEPEC Global People Sourcing

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Managed Services: Sometimes, stuff just needs to get done.

Sometimes you need to grow.  Sometimes you need to grow fast.

But the time, effort and experience you need to grow your company many not always be as quickly accessible or affordable.

You can augment your team by hiring one of our teams, working with our team members directly or leveraging our international recruiting sources to help you find the best team member(s) for your organization.

Learn more about how to augment your team with our Managed Services.

Get Results with CONVRG Full Stack Digital Marketing

If you are serious about building an extraordinary company, you know that effective marketing is a core component of it.  To get the results you are looking for, you know that you’ve got to make the right investments and do it consistently.

Our CONVRG Digital Marketing team leverages strategy, creative, and execution to produce and deliver effective marketing programs that get results.

Learn about our full stack digital marketing team and how we do social media marketing, branding, and website development below.

Get an experienced, strategic marketing team at the cost of a single marketer.

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Get Control of Your Finances with WistBooks

Managed Services to Augment Your Team | Aepiphanni Business Consulting 2

Solve the Mystery of What Happened to Your Money

Gaining control of your finances is critical to growing your company successfully.

Having a QuickBooks Certified finance team will give you access to:

  • Up to date financial information
  • Financial advice
  • On demand reporting
  • Mobile access to your finances
  • Financial planning

Learn more about what WistBooks can do for you at

Grow Your Team with AEPEC Global People Organization

Talent sourced can be direct hire, which means that you would pay them directly through your means,  or we could hire them as part of our BPO team, which means that we take responsibility for their pay, ensure they are doing their work and delivering at the level you expect.

Our global team has allowed us the flexibility to source people from many countries and move them through a screening, interview, background check and onboarding process to make sure that you are getting the right talent for your firm.

Learn more about how we can help you find the right people for your firm during a complimentary consultation by clicking the link below.

Business Process Outsourcing or direct recruiting or top talent from around the world to achieve your business objectives.

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