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Get the team you need to elevate your business.  Managed services, business process outsourcing and the Impossible Mission Squad will help you move things forward at a fraction of the cost of hiring directly.

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Sometimes you need to grow. But the time, effort and experience you need to grow your company many not always be as quickly accessible or affordable. You can augment your team by hiring one of our teams, working with our team members directly or leveraging our international recruiting sources to help you find the best team member(s) for your organization.

Learn more about how to augment your team with our Managed Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Vendor Recruiting services below.

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Managed Services

Managed Business Solutions allows you to augment your team by providing a skilled professional team that will seamlessly work within an organization with the goal of maximizing performance at a cost lower than hiring a team of individual resources. The MBS point person will work with leadership to drive performance, take accountability and get results.

While we offer services through our partner brands – WistBooks Financial Services, CONVRG Full Stack Digital Marketing and AEPEC Global People Organization, we can provide a fully operational management team for small firms that would provide you with the experts to set up and run your company so you can focus on your clients, other ventures, etc.

We can also set up an Impossible Mission Squad to take on certain short-term projects where highly skilled, highly professional individuals will be needed to execute quickly and efficiently.

These teams are not simply outsourced staff; they are teams that take accountability for your company’s results. The leader of each team works with you and your leadership team in their functional area to advise, input and produce results.

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Business Process Outsourcing

by having one of our professionals work as a member of your team. You will manage them, their time, their work and we will make sure that they get paid and their needs are taken care of. They will work for you as long as you would like for them to. If you need to swap someone out or you need more resources, we can scale up or down to meet those needs.

Areas where we can provide support include design, content development, social media community managers, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, web developers, customer service representatives and chat representatives.

Click the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about our BPO offering and how BPO can give you more talent at a lower cost then hiring team members directly.

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International Recruiting

International recruiting services allows you to augment your team by finding the right professional anywhere in the world with the experience and expertise that will allow your business to move forward with the right talent. Talent sourced can be direct hire, which means that you would pay them directly through your means, we can set them up through an employment agency, allowing you to outsource payment of their taxes and other local requirements or we could hire them as part of our BPO team.

Our global team has allowed us the flexibility to source people from many countries and move them through a screening, interview, background check and onboarding process to make sure that you are getting the right talent for your firm.

Learn more about how we can help you find the right people for your firm during a complimentary consultation by clicking the link below.

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