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Episode 2 | Taking the Leap: Starting the Entrepreneurial Journey

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With opportunities waiting to be explored and the chance to be your own boss, the entrepreneurial journey can be a fun venture that is worth exploring.

But what does it really take for one to take the leap, to start on this path, and to maintain a sustainable business?

Following that entrepreneurial call is a road riddled with challenges but it’s a fulfilling journey nonetheless—something that Ingrid and Rick will expound more on this in Aepiphanni’s 2nd Off the Cuff podcast episode.

Listen to know more about the actions they took to get started in the industry, their good and bad experiences of running a company, and what helped them and their respective business ventures thrive over the last few years.

In this episode:

  • Bootstrapping and undercapitalization: The challenges faced by start-up businesses
  • Taking advantage of opportunities in this time of pandemic and the importance of quickly adapting to changes
  • Researching and digging deeper into a business’s past
  • Why a support system matters in business
  • Emotional decision-making
  • How bringing the right person and cultivating a diverse team can change the game
  • The role of time management in achieving personal and business goals
  • The importance of building good client relationships
  • How your personal mission can inspire business goals


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