Episode 9 | How to Start Engaging Your Online Community with Charles Collins and Danica Vince Cruz

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Danica Vince Cruz and Charles Collins are the founding team behind Danica VC Media, a creative marketing strategy agency with locations in Frederick MD, Chattanooga TN, and West Palm Beach FL.

The driving force behind their effective marketing approach is their ability to blend out-of-the-box strategies and cultural fluency to create marketing campaigns that engage audiences on a deeper level.

And now, they’re here to share their own insights with you.

Value-packed with marketing advice and motivational pushes, Off the Cuff’s 9th episode is for every business owner—whether you’re already an Instagram maven or a budding newbie exploring options —who wants to leverage the power of authentic social media marketing and consistent content creation for your own business.

In this episode:

  • Running a business with your partner and balancing each other out
  • Changes in the market and how COVID forced people to adapt to social media marketing
  • Building community rather than simply pushing out content
  • Authenticity vs. Showing up with a curated presence online
  • Mental fortitude and being consistent with content creation
  • Scaling up and why resilience is a must in building a business
  • Their advice for people starting with content and social media marketing

Visit Danica VC Media’s socials and get to know more about them:

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