Surviving COVID-19 as a Business with Gregg Harden

Coronavirus shook the way people live their lives. From businesses shutting down to social distancing, these changes prompt organizations in various industries to be flexible and to adapt fast.

In Episode 3, Rick talks to Off the Cuff’s guest, Gregg Harden—the creator of the Harden Transformation Model. He recently launched his book, The COVID Strategy Framework, where he talked about the most crucial factors businesses should consider  and how doing so will help them stay in business.

He expounds more on this framework in the newest podcast episode. Along with this, he also shares his thoughts on best practices on reopening schools, the positive and negative long-term impact of COVID, and why adaptability and having a people-first focus can help organizations thrive.

In this episode:

  • How COVID impacted big and small businesses
  • Why a strong connection with your customer base matters
  • Handling employee safety and job security
  • Business adaptability and creating a flexible organization
  • How to strategically communicate with the marketplace
  • Having multiple strategies as a business
  • Businesses currently succeeding in the marketplace How changes caused by COVID will influence the new normal of businesses
  • Long-term impact on the restaurant industry
  • The upsides to the COVID pandemic
  • Gregg Harden’s thoughts on opening schools
  • How school administration can strategically prepare for and ease into the new normal


Find out the details by listening to the full Off the Cuff episode on:

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