What is an Extraordinary Business

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Extraordinary Business: a) A business that commits its resources to going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary or b) one that is exceptional to a very marked extent.

Does this describe your company? Is this what you would like for your company?

Extraordinary companies stand out in the marketplace as leaders. Market leadership is not out of your hands if you are willing to commit to doing what it takes to get there. It isn't an overnight journey, but it will reach a plateau in the business community that few - perhaps 4% of all businesses ever reach.

When we think of extraordinary business, we think about taking practices that have made large businesses and corporations successful and applying them - where appropriate - to small businesses.  This is how we DESIGN | CREATE | BUILD extraordinary businesses.

Extraordinary businesses have the following characteristics:

  • Profitable business model: (profitable = scale-able, replicate-able, license-able or sellable)
  • Develops Game-Changing products and services and positioning:   It is the companies that serve their markets in the most unique and sustainable ways that lead the market
  • In constant pursuit of excellence: Excellence is a game-changer; businesses not driven to excellence – to be the top of their niche are businesses that a) are commodity businesses that have little profit opportunity or b) businesses that will be outmatched by another company that looks just like them but does the job better
  • Striving for Market Leadership: Market leadership is attainable by the businesses that are truly committed to it.
  • Always innovating: whenever you have something great in the marketplace, someone else will see it and decide that they will offer it, too.
  • Socially responsible: building strategic performance goals that apply to all stakeholders, thinking in terms of a triple bottom line: profits, people, and planet
  • Committed to leaving a legacy: – make a positive lasting impact on all stakeholders

At Aepiphanni, our purpose is to help business leaders build extraordinary companies by providing them with resources, expertise, and experience in operations management and business strategy.  This is woven into the very fabric of OUR core beliefs.  If you seek to CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD an extraordinary company, we are here to serve you.

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