What to Expect

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Starting an engagement with us is simple, low risk and straight forward.

  • Most clients begin with a Coffee and a Consult – an introductory meeting
  • A discovery meeting during which we will gather more information about your company and determine how we might best go about providing a solution and potential outcomes
  • Paperwork- with approval of the process and solution, we will proceed with finalization of agreements
  • Onboarding – you will gain access to the client workspace and training on how to use it
  • Project build – our project development process will ensure that all parties are aware of and in agreement with how we will proceed on the project
  • Project kickoff – with all components in place, we will begin the engagement
  • Periodic check ins – just checking to see how we are doing
  • Project end – with all steps in the engagement completed, we will review how the project went and what next steps might look like.

Our commitment is to be the firm that our clients need for us to be, which requires that we are transparent in our dealings, open in our communications and straightforward with our recommendations.

Our Commitment to Excellence

For the project to be successful, we have to have an understanding of what to expect from one another.  Below, you will find our commitment to you and what we will need from you in order to be successful.

Our Commitment to You

  • We will demonstrate competency for the work that we perform for you
  • The information that is provided or used will be from verifiable sources
  • We will be clear about any areas where we don’t have competency
  • The solutions and recommendations we provide will be toward building strategic advantage for your company
  • We will be committed to producing everything contained within the project to produce the results we have agreed upon
  • We will engage you every step of the way
  • We will be accountable to you
  • We will make every effort to cooperate with you and your other team members
  • We will make every effort to adhere to any and all meeting and project deadlines
  • We are committed to a successful engagement with excellent results
  • We will provide the required deliverables in the agreed format at the time we agreed in the project

Rules of Engagement

  • We want to work with you as part of your team, which means that we want to have a real partnership with you – an exchange of information and a course toward the results we build together.
  • We will invest the time, up front, to learn about you, your company, your market and your industry
  • Understand that success comes in stages; while we focus on goals you have outlined for your company, each step that is accomplished in the process should add value to your company
  • We are committed to providing you with the support you need to achieve results
  • We have a policy of disruptive creativity, which means that at times, we will present ideas for you that may be against your way of thinking in order to generate creativity
  • Our focus is on accomplishing sustainable results for you and your company
  • We are committed to following through with your project to implementing the solution or solutions.
  • Your feedback is important to the success of any engagement
  • It is imperative that we keep communications open and straightforward, to ensure that goals and expectations are very clear and being met
  • If the project or project scope changes, we will make every effort to let you know what the new investment will be and what you can expect as outcomes

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