Power of Employee Personal Branding

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Utilizing the Power of Employee Personal Branding and How to Measure It

Branding is no longer confined merely to organizations.  It has become a personal way to showcase your personality and ideas online.  Personal networks have power when followers become a tribe.

Companies recognize that each of their employees probably has a Facebook account and depending on their industry, a LinkedIn account…not to mention the other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. So, it stands to reason that each employee could have a tribe of followers that could be influenced by company-focused information if the employee shares it with their unique perspective and in their unique way.

Lachlan Kirkwood understands this influential and personalized marketing strategy.  In his blog post titled “How to Measure the Performance of Employees’ Personal Branding,” he talks about the power of employee influencers, how companies are using this new approach well, the impact of employee personal branding, and how to set up UTM tags to measure the results.

Kirkwood states “When individuals share content from their unique perspective that speaks directly to their specific audience, the content comes across as more relatable, relevant, and trustworthy. In fact, when employees share brand messages on social media, their posts garner 561% more reach than the same messages shared on the company’s social channels — not to mention eight times more engagement.”  Any business would like to see more of those results as part of their marketing ROI.

The challenge, of course, is getting the employees to understand the benefits for using part of their day to write and post staff-contributed content on top of all the other work they have to do.  Kirkwood’s article includes a link to a separate article titled, “4 Ways Managers Can Motivate Employees to Contribute Content” which provides a great overview of how to generate buy-in from your staff.

From small businesses to global organizations, developing meaningful interactions online is a must-have part of your business development strategy.  Instead of leaving it up to your marketing team, read Kirkwood’s article in full here,  and consider also utilizing the rest of your employees and their personal networks to generate more online engagement for your company brand.

Credit: influenceandco.com

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