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Why Every Company Should Be Considered a Tech Company | Extraordinary Business


The concept of a “tech sector” is fast becoming outdated. In many ways the idea is already a relic of the past. And at the same time, the idea behind the tech sector is stronger than ever. The notion of technological prowess has been infused into all parts of the economy, cutting across all business sectors. From construction companies to equipment manufacturers to transportation companies, every company can be considered a tech company.

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Best Lessons from the Worst Customer Service | Extraordinary Business

How your company can learn to improve from observing companies with poor customer service

Upset sad, skeptical, unhappy, serious woman talking on phonePoor service. High prices. Injustice at best. Seems like these are the hallmarks of some service providers that dominate the landscape. The airline industry. Cable companies. Mobile phone companies. Take a look at Business Insider’s list of companies with the worst customer service. Any of you agree/disagree with me? As a business owner, you cannot help but look at them and know that if you ran your company’s customer service in the way that these companies are run, you would quickly be out of business.

If you think in terms of the Big Picture, you are probably wondering where the competition is that would gobble up market share from these behemoths, providing the level of customer care, support and offerings that you feel that you deserve.

Where is the breakdown? I don’t know. Collusion, perhaps? Stockholder pressure? Incredibly thin margins due to prior decisions such as high pay, great benefits, etc. for staff? Perhaps managing lawsuits and bribing the government, I mean lobbying?

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Seriously! Jump!! | Extraordinary Business

image One of the parenting techniques my mom and dad used after my “everyone else is doing it” line of reasoning was, “if all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you?”  I, of course, having been reduced to a cliché, would have to say, “no.”  Great.  Another one bites the dust.  However, that cliché probably saved my butt more times than hot.  (Note: I have only used that line a couple of times with my own children.  On each of them.)

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