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Upgrades! If You Buy it…Will They Use it? | Extraordinary Business

Challenges with getting your team to adopt your new software solutions

Change Management in ITAfter investing the lion’s share of cash and time to source, customize and implement the latest, greatest be-all-to-end-all solution for your company, you find that your people still aren’t using it, or at least, aren’t using it to a level where you can see a return on your investment.  You don’t get it.  You stand there, scratching your head, not knowing whether to scream, have one-on-one counseling, provide additional training, or just let it go.

Having done a number of CRM and Business Management installations, this is a challenge that many business leaders face when doing a software implementation.  Sure – it is a good idea.  If used, the solution will probably enable you to run your business more efficiently, give you some idea of predicting leads, project expenses, managing productivity and other business critical analytics.  Unfortunately, this struggle is a typical change management issue, wherein different groups of people will approach change in different ways.

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Timing | Go Big! | Extraordinary Business

Determining the best time to go to market with your next venture.

image“There’s no time like the present!” scream the opportunists in the room.  Others prefer to sit, plan, observe, and suggest that everything must be absolutely perfect in order to go to market.  Others, still, prefer to sit back and watch others do it.

Where do you sit?  Do you struggle, each day, trying to maintain the status quo and hope that some day, one day, you will have time to launch the next big thing in your industry?  As many entrepreneurs will tell you, the best time will never come.  You’ve got to simply commit your resources to moving things forward; even if it doesn’t look exactly the way you want it to the fist step out of the gate.

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Filling Your Pipeline | Extraordinary Business

Building a Successful Lead Generation Strategyimage

Since Aepiphanni opened in 2005, I have had a lot of time to evaluate the small business marketplace.  I’ve heard a lot of talks, attended workshops, read articles and the like on lead generation.  Many people have told me that there are certain, specific things that have to be done in a very specific way that everyone is doing and therefore, I should do it, too.

My frustration has always been that “if everyone else is doing it, there is nothing unique about my approach, therefore, my results cannot be more than mediocre.”  It appears like fishing for trout in a shark tank – everyone is trying to get the trout – including the sharks, so success has got to be dismal at best.

Simply put: this method isn’t sustainable, so I “went to work.”

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Increasing Sales | Extraordinary Business

Why businesses need to take a strategic approach to building their sales systems.

Increasing sales is nearly always a topic of conversation when we work with business owners.  Business leaders constantly seek out ways to connect with their audiences in such a way that people are willing to buy.  With the recent recession, many consumers’ buying habits have changed.

imageCustomers purchase based on a number of criteria; pricing and promotion are not the sole drivers of sales, except in the commodity markets where there is little differentiation between products and mass marketing is the norm.  Typically  companies will use techniques such as the loss leader – a product priced artificially low to get you to come to a store and hope that you will purchase other items while there, coupons, sales fliers, unique products such as high quality store-brand products, etc..

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