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4 Customer Service Insights Every Successful Company Leader Must Develop | Extraordinary Business

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Rock stars and movie stars are nothing without their fans. The same relationship exists between companies and their customers. While this may seem elementary, there are still scores of companies who get it wrong. According to a survey by American Express, 78% of consumers didn’t complete an intended purchase because of poor service experience. So, what differentiates the best in customer service from the rest? Let’s take a look at four customer service insights that every successful company leader must develop.

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Best Practices of The Best Service Leaders | Extraordinary Business

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It’s hard for any customer to forget a really good or really bad customer experience. For instance, how can you forget that hotel manager who went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate your last-minute travel plan changes? Or, on the other hand, who can shake off the memory (despite wanting to) of that brooding server at an expensive restaurant who clearly didn’t want to wait on you?

Great service is crucial, but as the best in business realize, it’s a lot more than telling your customer-facing staff to don a smile. In this article, we’ll look into the best practices of the best service leaders – revealing what it is the best companies do in the service industry to maintain a competitive edge.

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Gain the Loyalty of Your Customers | Extraordinary Business

How to earn customer loyalty?

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They do not say without a reason that the customer is always right. No one beside them can know exactly what they have in mind and how they want their products or services to look or be like. However, what they do need help with is the following: they need to feel that they can put their trust in you and come back for more.

Sure, it is easy to find a new customer – you can find them by offering discounts and better one-time offers, but what is difficult is to retain them, and want them to need your service once more. Customer loyalty is not an unattainable level in a customer-seller relationship, and here is how you can gain it.

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Best Lessons from the Worst Customer Service | Extraordinary Business

How your company can learn to improve from observing companies with poor customer service

Upset sad, skeptical, unhappy, serious woman talking on phonePoor service. High prices. Injustice at best. Seems like these are the hallmarks of some service providers that dominate the landscape. The airline industry. Cable companies. Mobile phone companies. Take a look at Business Insider’s list of companies with the worst customer service. Any of you agree/disagree with me? As a business owner, you cannot help but look at them and know that if you ran your company’s customer service in the way that these companies are run, you would quickly be out of business.

If you think in terms of the Big Picture, you are probably wondering where the competition is that would gobble up market share from these behemoths, providing the level of customer care, support and offerings that you feel that you deserve.

Where is the breakdown? I don’t know. Collusion, perhaps? Stockholder pressure? Incredibly thin margins due to prior decisions such as high pay, great benefits, etc. for staff? Perhaps managing lawsuits and bribing the government, I mean lobbying?

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