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Irreprehensible| Extraordinary Business

imageThe relationship between ethics and productivity

Have you ever had someone do something to you that caused you to view that person in a completely different light?  Did you find that they lied to you?  Cheated you?  Stole from you?  Perhaps something worse?

Even if you forgive that person, do you find it easy to restore that relationship and the sense of trust that existed in the relationship prior to event?  Do you find that when that person tells you something or is around, that feeling of doubt creeps in?  Even if you manage to shake it off and step forward, when a similar circumstance arises, do you still have doubts?

Have you done this to someone else – perhaps an employee, vendor or customer?  Perhaps you called it, “what he knows won’t hurt him” or “survival of the fittest.”  How did it make you feel?  How do you think it made the people who knew about it feel?  How would you feel if your decision was made public knowledge?

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Born to Rock | Extraordinary Business

12 steps to unleash you and your company’s potential in today’s dynamic marketplace

BORN TO ROCK!!So you, entrepreneur, have big dreams and are looking forward to building your enterprise into one that is a household name. Can it happen? Perhaps. As you can probably guess, there isn’t a tried and true path to get you there every time. However, there are habits that you will need to embrace in order to get your business on the map and grow it into something extraordinary.

While the list isn’t inclusive – and isn’t meant to be, understand that the foundation is to have a vision which describes what you want your venture to be. Surely – that vision can grow and expand, or you can make your vision so big that you’ve got to grow into it before you can assume it. Regardless of the approach, knowing where you are going puts everything else into perspective.

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Non-Conformist | Extraordinary Business

Getting ahead in business requires doing not what everyone else is doing but doing things differently

Take the road less traveled Have you ever been to an event where they gave you a check list of “stuff” that you absolutely need to do in order to “take your business to the next level?” Did they almost guarantee that you would be able to achieve whatever goals you set out for yourself by implementing their recommendations? Did they show you dozens of people and testimonials of people who used the system, followed the steps and became overnight successes?

In the words of Dr. Phil, “How did that work out for you?”

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Taking the Long View | Extraordinary Business

Building a positive consumer belief system about your company

imageOne of the difficulties with running and growing a business is that with limited resources, business leaders must evaluate their resources choose the best investments in order to stay in business, or grow beyond current capabilities.  Often, the most likely choices are those things that seem or hope to make immediate impact.  Unfortunately, short-term thinking often yields short-term results.

As business leaders, when we look from the perspective of “slow and steady wins the race,” we are thinking in a way that will allow us to create a sustainable future for the companies we lead.  This doesn’t mean that we do nothing while waiting for this big, magnanimous idea to present itself, or that we truly stand around and wait, but rather, that while we work, we make investments in activities that may not have immediate gratification.

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