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How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Strategy | Extraordinary Business

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Marketing is essential for the success of your business. It’s the way in which you generate new sales leads and ensure the revenue arrow keeps pointing up. This is a universal statement. It’s why we’ve gone into the marketing field and why we spend so much time developing marketing strategies for our companies. However, not everyone thinks like this, and people often need concrete evidence to back up the claim that marketing is so important for business.

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20 Powerful Marketing Words & Phrases That Sell or Repel | Extraordinary Business

marketing words

Language and words are powerful tools for generating conversations and gaining success in business. Your choice of marketing words can make or break someone’s decision to buy from you. It becomes all the more essential to choose marketing words and phrases that convey your specific message and influence people to buy from you.

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With Which you Have Naught | Extraordinary Business

Defining and employing the right tactics to reach your audienceStress. Woman stressed

Have you ever noticed that the way you speak to your parent probably isn’t the way you would speak to your kids or friends? No brainer, right? Mom might be more of a Facebook or text messaging person, where you might use SnapChat or something to that effect with your friends.

So what about your markets? What will offend them? What will get their attention? What will cause them to act?

Just like with your personal relationships, there is no single way to communicate with everyone in every circle. Truth is, there is no communication pattern that you can use even with a seemingly single group of people. As you know, there are many things that will impact the way that information is received – stressors and situations can be game changers.

So wherein is your responsibility?

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