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Differentiation Strategy – Being Number One

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Marketing firm seeking differentiation strategy in a saturated market place

The thinking that a single client could maintain a company proved to be quite unsettling when suddenly the work dried up and there was no more revenue. Suddenly faced with the stress of unpredictable income, it was time to do something different. In a saturated market space, a differentiation strategy helped the Company move from a local firm to that of one with a global presence.

Happy man at job interview.The firm was aware of Aepiphanni and our capabilities for more than a year before engaging us to start working with them. He was experiencing the ebbs and flows of working very hard to get business, then spending all of his time producing the work and neglecting to get more business, then, not having any more business, sweating it out until he could bring in some more business.

Every month was an absolute catastrophe, affecting his personal and professional relationships. His market consisted of friends and friends of friends and family. He was using Salesforce to manage his contacts, but did not have a process for moving contacts through the  sales process.  Most, if not all decisions, were based on momentary decisions.

Our first task was to help the owner find ways to do more sales and marketing by helping him with his time management. At the same time, we helped him to gain visibility by engaging the help of a writer, who positioned the company as the top performing firm in its area. To further differentiate the company, we helped him to develop a proprietary framework for developing and delivering solutions and ran a campaign, including development of a second website, to assist with establishing the brands. The combination of tactics with the assistance of a PR campaign launched the company into international visibility.

Anticipating business growth, we developed an innovative architecture that supported both rapid growth and maximized the effectiveness of the framework that was developed. Furthermore, we took on the Operations Management role to assist with functions such as observing sales calls, bookkeeping and financial reporting, processing proposals, hiring staff, assisting with acquisition of resources and providing ongoing advice and support.

We recommended to the client that they get access to working capital in the event that they needed to make some investments that would help keep the company on its growth path. Furthermore, we recommended strategies on acquisition of staff and investing in external providers, such as marketing and public relations.