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Management Solution Implementation

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Management Software Selection, Identification and Customization





Transportation Company




Our client in Saudi Arabia sought a transportation management solution that would allow them to manage orders and shipments around the country. Our job was to identify the software solution, customize it and train users on how to use it.

We worked with the client to create a requirements document that allowed us to understand the processes the client had in place and develop any processes where gaps existed. This enabled us to identify 10 different potential software solutions and identified several that would work with their desired accounting solution without being more complicated that what the company would need while fitting into the client’s budget. We narrowed down the selections to two that we felt would best fit the requirement and the client chose the one that they preferred.

With the preferred solution identified, we used the requirements document to customize the solution for the client. We found that upgrades of some of their current solutions provided deeper integration and a cost savings so with client approval we made the necessary upgrades. We were also able to save the client additional licensing fees through development of several web interfaces that allowed certain members of the team to interface with the software without needing to access the core components. Lastly, we customized the software dashboard so that the client had full visibility of what was going on in the Company.

Lastly, we developed instruction materials for the client that walked them through how to use the software. Each role had clear instructions on how to interact with the software and what would be expected as a result. We walked the client through the training materials and demonstrated use so that the client was able to train the other members of his team on the software and made recommendations on implementing the solution with the team.