How to Get B.L.U.E. and Get Growing

Kyle Gillette unravels the secrets to overcoming the invisible barriers that limit business leaders. Learn how mindset shifts, and effective self-awareness can transform overwhelmed business owners into dynamic leaders who not only achieve their business goals but also enhance their personal life and get growing. Kyle shares transformative strategies that ensure business owners can lead with confidence and foster environments where every team member thrives.


In this episode, host Rick Meekens interviews Kyle Gillette, a coach and mentor for business owners. They discuss topics such as mindset shifts, overcoming limiting beliefs, and the impact of leadership on personal and professional life. Kyle shares his journey of writing a book and developing a methodology to help overwhelmed business owners. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, accountability, growth mindset, and empowering others as pillars of effective leadership. The conversation highlights the significance of mindset in achieving success and the role of emotional intelligence in leadership. In this conversation, Kyle Gillette discusses his coaching program and how he helps business leaders overcome their limitations and achieve success. He shares a case study of a client who transformed her business and personal life through his coaching. Kyle also talks about his own journey and the importance of mentorship. He highlights the challenges he faced in building his coaching business and the lessons he learned from failures. Kyle’s mission is to help business owners achieve success while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.


  • Mindset plays a crucial role in achieving success in business and personal life.
  • Limiting beliefs can hinder growth and success, but they can be overcome through self-awareness and mindset shifts.
  • Reprogramming the mind and projecting success can help individuals achieve their goals.
  • Effective leadership requires self-awareness, accountability, a growth mindset, and the ability to empower others. Kyle’s coaching program focuses on developing self-awareness, accountability, and empowering the team.
  • Transformation in leadership leads to growth in business.
  • Mentorship and learning from failures are crucial for personal and professional growth.
  • Building a coaching business requires resilience and the ability to adapt to challenges.


  • 00:00 – Introduction and Guest Welcome
  • 01:50 – Kyle’s Journey from Mentorship to Coaching
  • 09:22 – The Process of Reprogramming Mindset for Success
  • 14:04 – Focus on Christian Business Owners
  • 17:20 – The B.L.U.E. Shirt Leadership Framework Explained
  • 24:45 – Kyle’s Personal Journey and the Influence of Mentorship
  •  28:54 – Challenges in Building and Rebranding Blue Shirt Coaching
  • 31:35 – Inspiration and Motivation Behind Kyle’s Coaching
  • 34:43 – How to Work with Kyle and His Programs


You can reach him here:
Kyle Gillette
Kyle Gillette

Kyle Gillette is a Master NLP Coach, Master MER® Practitioner, Best Selling Author, John Maxwell business and leadership coach, men’s mentor, husband, and dad with diverse experience running four companies and a nonprofit. He now helps small business owners break free from limiting beliefs in six hours or less so they can be truly motivated and make more money.

To this end, Kyle created the B.L.U.E. Shirt Leadership Framework, helping his clients (B)e Self-Aware Leaders, (L)ead with Accountability, (U)se a Growth Mindset, and (E)mpower Others. The system frees Kyle to do CrossFit with friends and go hiking, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing with his family. Kyle recently published Right Now Leadership: A 4-Part Framework for Today’s Leader, now available on Amazon.


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