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Susan Schmidt Bryant, a CPA and certified tax planner, shares her expertise on accounting, tax strategies, and maximizing profits for business owners. She emphasizes the importance of using accounting records to make informed business decisions and the value of implementing value pricing and subscription pricing models. Susan also discusses the challenges business owners face in finding the right accountant and the benefits of investing in a strong accounting function. She provides insights on setting pricing based on value and positioning, as well as the psychology of buyers in relation to pricing. Overall, Susan’s passion lies in helping entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.


  • Use accounting records to make informed business decisions and drive profitability.
  • Consider implementing value pricing and subscription pricing models to better align pricing with the value provided.
  • Invest in a strong accounting function to alleviate stress and free up mental capacity for strategic business activities.
  • When hiring, focus on finding individuals who align with your company’s culture and values, and ensure they have the necessary skills and qualifications.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 05:52 Using Accounting Records to Drive Business Decisions
  • 09:19 The Psychology of Buyers and Pricing
  • 13:15 Determining Pricing Based on Positioning
  • 15:40 ROI in Hiring and Employee Performance
  • 24:30 Accounting as an Opportunity Center
  • 28:07 Challenges in Finding the Right Accountant
  • 32:25 Expectations from an Accountant
  • 36:24 Giveaway and Contact Information
  • 37:18 Conclusion


You can reach him here:
RO what Susan Bryant

Susan Bryant is a renowned CPA, tax planner, and business owner who helps high-income entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and entrepreneurial wealth. With over 20 years of experience, she is a leader and innovator in the accounting industry, offering cutting-edge solutions and strategic advice to her clients. She has been featured on various podcasts and publications, and has received multiple awards for her excellence and impact. She is also a passionate mentor and volunteer who empowers aspiring female entrepreneurs and supports community development. Susan Bryant is the ultimate partner for visionary leaders who want to transform their finances and realize their dreams.


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