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Is Zoho Right for Your Company?

You've got lots of data but can't make decisions with it.

Your sales people have little to no accountability

You need to keep track of communications

You are tired of deals slipping through the cracks

You have multiple tables and spreadsheets of customer information

It's time to get serious about your business. It's time for Zoho.

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Zoho Consulting Partner

We are a Certified Zoho Consulting Partner that has customized and implemented Zoho solutions for more than 10 years.

Business Analysis for Zoho CRM Implementation

Getting to know your business...

We call it discovery and analysis.

Understanding your needs and the needs of your business is the most critical part of a successful CRM implementation. This might be working from your existing process flows or working with you to design new ones. Our goals will be to make your organization more efficient and increase productivity as a result.

You give us your challenges, we'll help you determine what the best solution for your business is.

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Making Zoho work for the way YOU do business

If it doesn't work for the way you work, it just doesn't work, right?

We'll design your solution so that it works the way you work and gives you the additional information you need to run your business better. That means if we can automate tasks, integrate with your existing systems, build reports or migrate old data, you'll be in good hands.

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Aepiphanni Zoho Implementation Modeling
Business Analysis for Zoho CRM Implementation

A work of art...

We wish we could say it was magic - just a snap of your fingers and it is done.

The reality is - to get done the right way, it will take some work, depending on the complexity of your project. Our team of analysts, programmers, project managers and trainers will do everything in our power to get your solution up and running as quickly as possible.

One everything is set up, we will train you and your team on how YOUR processes work in the system, not a set of generic instructions that come with the system.

It's not just about getting the solution installed, it is about creating a piece of artwork that will enable your company to evolve.

Can't you just see it??

Get started today

Boom. Done. Mic drop...

Actually...not quite.

We'll be around to help out. We'll provide you with support to make sure things are going the way that you need them to. But we will also be able to help you with additional customization and addons as your business needs become move complex.

Beyond our warranty period, you can work with us on fixed maintenance schedule or on a per-project basis.  We'll make it easy for you: send an email or a chat and we'll set up some time to work with you to get your issue resolved.

We look forward to working with you!

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Aepiphanni Zoho Implementation Modeling
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Three Ways to Know If You Are a Good Leader

If you have ever worked with someone inspirational and positive, chances are you will remember them for years to come. This is especially true if that particular person was your boss, and he or she took good care of their team.

So why is it that you remember someone like this, but not a person who was the complete opposite?

The answer is simple. It is human nature to remember those who made you feel hopeful and good!


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Corner Office Lessons from an Unexpected CEO

What would it be like if one day you were sitting in your V.P. office at a very successful software enterprise company, and without any warning you were suddenly thrown into the C.E.O. role and responsible for every aspect of that company?

A similar scenario was played out a few years ago by Chris Wacker after his wife, Nien-Ling (the founder and C.E.O. of Laserfiche) was diagnosed with cancer.  Day by day as the cancer took a toll on her health, he began to take over her responsibilities as interim C.E.O.  Then when Nien-Ling lost her battle with cancer, he stepped into the role full-time.

He never dreamed he’d be responsible for the operations of the entire company along with having to lead all the people who worked there. However, to honor his wife’s business legacy over the last twenty years, he dove in and worked hard to keep the company on track.  As he continued to swim in unfamiliar waters in his C.E.O. role, he reflected often on the leadership style Nien-Ling utilized when she was running the company.


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A Guide to Making Strategic Business Decisions

The dynamics of business strategy has evolved over the years. Today, businesses are shifting away from “one size fits all” solutions, and instead focusing on discovering the approach that works for them. A common mistake companies make today is to base their decisions entirely on data. Data is a useful tool, allowing you to gain an insight into different aspects of running a business. However, strategic planning for a business goes beyond just counting on the data they gather. Here is a brief guide to crafting the perfect business strategy.


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Four Top Priorities for the New Decade

January is normally a time of new decisions, new commitments, and new goals. This January is not only the new year of 2020, but it is also a new decade. Time flies, and since 2030 will be here before you know it, it’s important to look ahead and outline your leadership priorities to be sure you end the next decade well.


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The Importance of Customer Engagement in Marketing

To succeed in digital marketing, you must use multiple channels of marketing such as your website, social media platforms, paid advertisements, etc. There have been significant changes in the way marketers approach consumers.  No longer can you treat all consumers in the same way with the same kind of marketing message. Creating multiple messages for a single campaign across various channels might increase the chances of grabbing the attention of targeted consumer groups.  But it still left marketers yearning for more because mass messages only addressed specific consumer groups and not individual consumers.

That led to the development of a new approach in marketing that focuses on consumer or customer engagement with the brand by communicating with them on a personal level.


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Top Strategies for Small Businesses to Streamline their Cash Flow

Sure, there are a myriad of different financial tools and metrics you can use to monitor and evaluate your business and keep it on track. One of the most important is your operating cash flow. A lot of businesses use their cash flow data as a primary means of analyzing how well or poorly the company is performing. Moreover, managing your cash flow can also help you discover different trends and patterns in the overall results, which allows entrepreneurs to address crucial business shortcomings or capitalize on its strengths.

Let’s look at some sure-fire strategies small businesses can use to improve their cash flow.


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Giving Employees a Reason to Feel Proud

Do You Give Employees a Reason to Feel Proud of What They Do?

Imagine packing up an evening snack, grabbing a blanket, getting in your car and heading to the lawn of your local university. When the music starts all the visitors on campus go silent as a series of custodians, landscapers, electricians, and construction crews show off their skills to an original dance piece called “From the Ground Up.”

Yes, folks, this really happened in October 2019 on the campus of Wake Forest University in NC. Bill Taylor wrote an article about the event to highlight an important leadership skill: The importance of showing how much you value your employees and helping them feel proud of what they do.

In his Harvard Business Review article titled, “Do You Give Employees a Reason to Feel Proud of What They Do?” Taylor describes the Wake Forest event as “Think Cirque du Soleil, but with lawn mowers, trucks, ladders, brooms, hammers, and drills.”  The Campus Facilities Staff, who often work invisibly behind the scenes doing the least glamorous work, “showcased their skills, creativity and humor to the delight of the community” at three evening performances over three days.

Throughout the article, Taylor makes the point that pride in one’s work is an essential ingredient to ensure every person in an organization is working at peak performance. This is especially important in an organization that provides services to others.

As a business owner or senior leader, what have you done lately to make sure your employees feel valued and have pride in what they do for you and your company?  If you can’t remember, schedule time this week to sit down with your leadership staff and brainstorm creative ways to spotlight your employees as a step towards creating a deeper spirit of belonging and pride throughout your organization.

To read the entire article Taylor wrote, click here.  You can also watch the promotional clip about the Wake Forest event here:  From The Ground Up.


If this article was helpful and prompted you with an increased desire to improve your effectiveness as a leader so you can take your team to the next level, contact us to learn more about our Aepiphanni Ascend Leadership Development program.  Fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to schedule a Coffee & Consult to chat in more detail about how we can help.

Kris Cavanaugh Castro is the People Development Coach at Aepiphanni, a Business Consultancy that provides Management Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services to business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to improve or expand operations. We are the trusted advisor for business leaders who are seeking forward-thinking solutions to help them plan for and navigate through the challenges of business growth.  Kris has over 25 years of coaching, training and mentoring leaders to greater success; and she periodically writes about leadership development and facilitates change management conversations.

We would love to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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