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Business Consulting, Advisory & Operations Management

Your business is your livelihood.  If you don’t go out get and do the work, you don’t eat.  If your business doesn’t have a solid foundation, it won’t grow.  If you don’t have differentiation in the marketplace, you don’t stay in business. Without admin or business services, you don’t even have a business!

We get it.  With decades of operations management and business consulting experience, we understand that you’ve got to make your resources go as far as they can and we’ve developed business services to meet your needs.

To help you set and meet your company goals, Aepiphanni offers three different services for small businesses: advisory, management consulting and small business operations management services. Our goal is to develop and implement excellent tools to help you pursues the goal of building an extraordinary company.

Business Advisory

Business Services: Business AdvisoryGet emergency, just-in-time or regular, ongoing support

Sometimes things you hadn’t planned happen.

Other times, you simply want to plan, or another ear or some outside ideas to work toward a solution.

Getting better, refining capabilities, having a second ear that can provide you and your firm with objective advice or someone to hold you accountable for achieving your goals can be the secret sauce that allows you to overcome obstacles and pursue stabilization or growth goals.

In a marketplace that is always evolving, just staying in business requires ongoing attention and growth.  As a business leader, you need to take advantage of every opportunity available.

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Management Consulting

Business Service: Small Business ConsultingReady to move your company beyond where you have been? Let us be your partners to make it happen.

Sometimes, you simply need someone to help you figure out what is keeping your company from growing or to help you elevate your company in the marketplace.  Management consulting for your firm means that you will work with professionals to help you identify obstacles to growth, spot opportunities your company could leverage and help you avoid costly mistakes that could impair your company’s ability to continue.

We bring you the experience of years – not with large firms – but with small firms, providing small businesses with the techniques and tools that have been used to make larger businesses successful.  We bring innovation, design and sustainability tool sets to help businesses do things differently in order to give you separation from your competitors.

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Operations Management

Business Service: Small Business Operations ManagementWe’ve got your back. Do what you do and leave the rest to us.

Aepiphanni was founded with the goal of providing small businesses with the resources that were difficult to find when starting other companies: the ability to have an outsourced management team to take care of all of the tasks that aren’t directly related to delivering products, and making sure the company is moving forward.  Product (service) management, business development – including marketing, sales and business model design, finance and human resources all fall under the of Operations Management – so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

For example – what complimentary products could be added to your current offerings that could add a 20% revenue increase to your bottom line? Innovation in product development, service delivery, marketing, sales, the customer value chain or the business model could easily be the solution you are looking for.

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