Small Business Operations Management

While any business can become extraordinary…

Ops Management

…it is those that are committed to establishing best practices, developing solutions and implementing business strategies that create degrees of separation between themselves and the rest of their marketplaces that actually do.

As your company’s operations management team, it is our goal to help you push through the difficult challenges of creating and implementing change, from setting up and training on Work, Etc., our recommended business management software, to sourcing partners and professionals to join your company, to going to sales meetings and helping you close your next deal. Our success comes from your success. Our goal is to help you CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD an extraordinary business.

Our clients have consistently reported their appreciation of the operations management support and guidance we have provided them with, knowing that our services have supported their strategic planning and growth, allowing them to stay dynamic and flexible in a volatile marketplace.

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We help business leaders create extraordinary businesses. Find out how we do it.

Operations management provides oversight on products and services, productivity, sales and marketing and finances

Aepiphanni Small Business Operations ManagementPartnering with you to enhance operations at your company allows us to get in depth knowledge and understanding about how to improve the every day operations of the business. Many of our clients have opted for this service, which allows us to pour all of our resources into making your company stronger.

As one of our clients, you will have access to tools such as those that will help us help you create and track key performance indicators, or KPI’s – information that will help us make decisions about the future of the business, such as where to market, how products are doing, if we need to re-evaluate target markets or sales tactics or develop a branded strategic advantage. In order for you to gain market leadership, you must think in terms of evaluating what you are doing, seeking out opportunities and pursuing them strategically.

As a company whose sole goal is to help business leaders CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD extraordinary businesses, this is the offering we are most passionate about.

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This is how we get it done

the-aepiphanni-processWe will work with you to learn about your business, your products, your clients and how you do business. Many of our clients have specific areas they want us to address; others want an assessment on their company and for us to identify holes and opportunities. Either way, we develop a list of prioritized objectives that we would help you implement, the outcome of each that will impact the business either by reducing costs or increasing revenue.

Our first goal will be to get the company to a point where it is operating smoothly, getting all the pieces in place, so to speak. Then, we will focus on growth, tweaking products and services as the marketplace expands. Many clients find that by us helping them to refine their target markets, they are better positioned to be able to meet their needs and do business with them.

With a proven model in place, we will focus on aggressive growth, helping you to ensure that you have capacity, that you are growing at a manageable rate and evaluating what we need to do as we transition to the next level in the business cycle.

Here’s how we can help:

What if you could outsource running your company so that you can focus on what you do best, whether it is selling, bookkeeping, consulting, designing or whatever you do best.

Well, you can. Think about it as a win. We will handle

Sprinters Crossing Finish Line

  • Financial decision-making and planning, revenue generation, cost management, financial modeling and projections to plan for short and long-term growth.
  • Business Development – sales & marketing program and process development, strategies and execution, creating new business models to get more penetration into existing markets or to open new markets.
  • Product Management – bringing innovation to product development, production, profitability, delivery & customer value chain, managing the product lifecycle from launch to retirement
  • Human resources – working with you to define needs and budgets, creating job descriptions, hiring the right team and ensuring compliance, including putting associates in your office or business for part or full time support
  • Project management – ensuring that the company’s longer term pursuits are moving forward on time and on budget with all of the necessary resources in place at the right time.
  • Management – ensuring that the company is getting the maximum return for investments in people, time, IT and other resources

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Here’s how we are different

How Aepiphanni is differentWith more than 25 years dedicated to managing and operating small business, we understand small businesses, how they grow, how they decline, how they start and close. We understand that resources are often scarce, and sometimes, the margins between success and failure are very thin.

Fully committed to working with small businesses, we have learned to apply corporate-level tactics to small businesses, appropriately, in order to help them operate more efficiently and plan for growth more effectively. Applying strategic and analytic thinking to growing your company, understanding what makes it tick and exploiting what makes your company in the marketplace will help drive it from existing to being a truly extraordinary company.

Let us partner with you to CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD an extraordinary company. Contact us or register for a complimentary Coffee & a Consult to learn more.

How we can work with you and your company:

operations management successWe offer flexible engagements to provide the right level of service for your company. We bring the right sized team to support your company, whether you are a start up company and need management support so you can focus on business and product development, or a seasoned business who needs transitional support moving through growth phases, we can provide you with the expertise and support to bring your business through.

We will partner with you as the operations suite for your company – Finance, Business Development, Human Resources, Product Management and IT as required. We will set up and maintain the best working environment that will enable us to keep your costs in line while maintaining effectiveness. We will work with you to establish, monitor and implement goals in your company. If appropriate, once the role or roles is established, we will assist with smooth transitioning out of the role we take on.
Some companies seek support in only one or two areas, where other companies seek to have all areas covered so that they can focus on their core delivery. Many companies bring us in for an advisory role, which expands into managing several or all of the operational function.
The Operations Management offering is ideal for companies going through rapid growth, startups seeking to have an experienced operations team in place and very small firms that would prefer not to have to focus on the operational and administrative side of the business.

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