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Evolve Your Team to Lead a Different Business: an Extraordinary Business

As your organization grows and becomes more complex, our experience has taught us that it requires a different type of leader - no longer a doer but the person who drives the business toward a shared vision for the Company. As a result of what we've learned from our clients, we've developed the Aepiphanni Ascend Extraordinary Leadership Development Program specifically to meet the needs of business leaders and managers who:

  • Are part of a company going through organization-wide changes
  • Have staff that need to or would like to learn to take on leadership or management roles
  • Would like for staff to take personal leadership in themselves and their work
  • Would like to build high-performing teams that can be self-directed and self-monitoring for maximum productivity and output.
  • Feel as though they aren't getting the level of productivity or shared vision from their team
  • Simply feel like they want to or need the tools to lead the organization better.

The Aepiphanni Ascend Leadership Development Program helps leaders understand:

Leadership Growth
  • Their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Techniques and tools for leading their team through change and growth
  • How to identify and maximize their team’s talents
  • How to become an extraordinary leader

Keeping an open mind and understanding that a change in thinking is critical for leaders to continue to be effective and successful as their business evolves.

Be an Extraordinary Leader

If you’re not yet in the leadership seat, but you’re on the track to become part of the executive team, self-awareness and honesty and development of key leadership skills will get you further faster.

Learning skills such as managing teams, evaluating and developing your team, and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is part of the growth process.  While there are certainly natural leaders, aspiring leaders can learn new skills and become more effective.

Extraordinary Leader

Aepiphanni Ascend Leadership Development Program

Ascend Extraordinary Leadership Development Program

By participating in the Aepiphanni Ascend: Extraordinary Leadership Development Program, you will learn to:

  • Identify the leaders within their organization
  • Discover how to utilize them most effectively
  • Delegate various organizational responsibilities

The goal is to not have one person solely responsible for seeing that the company runs most effectively, but rather to have a team of people working cohesively toward a shared vision.

Whether you’re just beginning the business with only a few employees, or the leading a multimillion dollar corporation, our leadership coaching program is custom designed to fit your company's needs. Small businesses grow larger, larger businesses grow into corporations. Our goal is to equip you with the leadership tools you need to lead an extraordinary company.

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