Outsourced CFO, COO or CMO

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Have a COO, CFO or CMO you can fire anytime, but wouldn't want to...

Solve your back-office, operations & marketing issues with outsourced COO/CFO/Operations Manager

As a growing company, you might be at the place where you need to expand your leadership team. However, you may not have the need for a full-time leadership team.

We can work with you and your team by providing you with an outsourced part-time COO, CFO or CMO. This person can work with you according to your schedule - whether a certain number of hours per week, days per week or days per month.

The member of your team will meet with you and your team at regularly scheduled intervals, and continue to communicate periodically through email, text or virtually between meetings in order to keep communication open and the member included. The CxO can take on projects including developing strategic plans, building departments, implementing solutions, establishing procedures and any number of tasks that would fall under their role.

The COO is generally the second in command in the organization. This person is responsible for ensuring that the business activities are driving toward the vision the CEO or Owner has for the Company.

The CFO is a member of the leadership team that helps to steer the financial direction for the Company and works to improve its financial position. They will be integral to decisions about investments the company will make as well as the business strategy.

The CMO's focus is on marketing - not just advertising or digital, but rather looking strategically at how the company's products, pricing, brand, messaging and other internal and externally facing communications.

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