Startup Business Advisory

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"Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed. "~ King Solomon

Why might you consider engaging with Aepiphanni's Startup Business Advisory program?

To be good or great at something requires that you continue to “sharpen” your skills. If you liken it to athletes – the ones that excel have an advisor from the time that they start out until they retire, they have a coach that pushes them to run further, push harder and run faster for the single goal of winning!

Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs of successful startups are no different. You need someone to help you stay on track, help you set and meet your goals, pushing you to be better than you ever could. Aepiphanni's Startup Business Advisor program is no different. We work with you. We keep you focused on your goals. We push you to be great and to build a great company.

To launch a startup, you only need to have a product or service someone is willing to buy. To build an extraordinary startup, you need a startup business advisor.

Startup Business Advisory

What would the startup business advisory program look like and how you can tell if it is working?
Your program is your own. It is for you. You choose the destination; our job will be to help you get there. You will have the option of meeting virtually, on the phone or in person at set intervals. It is best if you have a place that is quiet.

Advisory sessions usually take about an hour. They are structured to the extent that progress is the primary goal. We will keep you and your goals on track to accomplish them within your timeframe. Of course, if you need your advisor between meetings, you are free to contact them. At each meeting, we will go over what you have accomplished in the previous time frame and compare it to the goals that we set at the previous meeting.

You will get feedback and recommendations based on what you have accomplished. Our interest is always to make you successful, which means that we might not always agree with you and we will typically encourage you to aim higher. We are going with you the entire way.  We cannot be successful if you are not.

This is how we get things done.

Advisory Support is primarily driven by you and the goals that you have established for yourself and your company.  You may find that you have habits that are keeping the company from growing, such as having difficulty hiring the right staff or managing productivity or finances or managing your calendar.

Perhaps, you are comfortable with a lot of what you are doing and would like to figure out how you can do what you do better. As with a basketball player, having someone observe how you do what you do, offer pointers and bounce ideas off of can help you refine what you.

With an understanding of what you would like to do, the process will generally be:

  • First, we will work with you to establish clear, measurable, important goals to work toward
  • Then, we will work out a timeline, so we will strive to achieve certain goals within a specific time period
  • We will meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss progress, evaluate any areas where you are struggling and identify new opportunities or threats that may present themselves
  • At the end of the program, we will evaluate where you are versus where you started.

Throughout the process, we will work with you to help you stay on track, providing you with objective, timely evaluations.

Areas you may consider getting Startup Business Advisory support revolves around six primary areas:

  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Finding funding and other resources
  • Business Modeling
  • Pitching to Investors
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Sales
  • Software and IT
  • Financial Decisions
  • Human Resources and Outsourcing
  • Products and services

The advantages you will gain from working with a startup business advisor include:

  • Ongoing evaluation and re-evaluation of plans and strategies
  • You’ll have someone to follow-up on the goals you have made yourself.
  • You’ll have access to a motivational resource
  • You will have the structure to help you know what to do, when.
  • You’ll have someone holding you accountable to do the right things at the right times.
  • You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off and to brainstorm with

Hiring a Startup Business Advisor could be your Company's game-changer. Contact us or register for a complimentary Coffee & a Consult to learn more.