New Hire Success – Effective On-boarding Tips You Should Practice

New hire success is one of the greatest desires of any entrepreneur. This is because the process of onboarding a new employee can be daunting, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. The time, energy and financial resources companies spend in the process of recruiting and integrating new hires can be enormous, and any mistake made along the way may be counterproductive for business growth and sustainability.


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Negotiate from a Position of Strength | Extraordinary Business

The influential role of leadership and its impact on the success of your organization

Young business leader: Negotiate from a position of strength

It was interesting last evening watching the fourth GOP Debate and listening to the individuals talk. Some of them looked and sounded like leaders. Some of them looked and sounded like politicians. Some of them looked like they might have been coerced into being there or had something better to do. All of them caused me to think about what I look for in a leader and by extension, what employees look for in leadership.

One of the comments that was made had to do with “negotiating from a position of strength,” with respect to negotiating with Russia. As a leader, you need to take the same position – negotiating from a position of strength. You are leading a company – a business, and thus, you are a business person, and the lead business person at your company. Therefore, by extension, the way that you do business is the way that those at your company should do business. So if you’ve got a soft-handed approach, or no approach at all, then you can expect the same from your Company. If you exude strength, however, you will find that your organization will follow.


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Recruiting 101

Steps to Recruiting and Keeping the Best Employees for your Small Business

You have managed your business, whether it be a direct mail marketing practice or pet care business for the last few years. As a disciplined, independent entrepreneur, you have managed every detail; the semi-comedic introduction plays out like this:
“Are you the CEO?”
“CEO, secretary and janitor.”

However, as a well-studied businessperson, you also understand that the key success is intelligent growth, and the key to growth is hiring passionate, intelligent professionals to manage the aspects of the business which have distracted you and hence bit into your revenue. The question you need to ask yourself is, “I know I need the right office manager, general assistant or sales coordinator, but how to I get him or her to join my team?”
In short: you need to be recruiting. [···]

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