The Importance of Customer Engagement in Marketing

The Importance of Customer Engagement in Marketing

To succeed in digital marketing, you must use multiple channels of marketing such as your website, social media platforms, paid advertisements, etc. There have been significant changes in the way marketers approach consumers.  No longer can you treat all consumers in the same way with the same kind of marketing message. Creating multiple messages for a single campaign across various channels might increase the chances of grabbing the attention of targeted consumer groups.  But it still left marketers yearning for more because mass messages only addressed specific consumer groups and not individual consumers.

That led to the development of a new approach in marketing that focuses on consumer or customer engagement with the brand by communicating with them on a personal level.

Since marketing success depends on sass digital marketing campaigns and fulfilling customer expectations, it becomes critically important to engage with customers much more closely by addressing their individual needs. Marketing messages are pin-pointed for individual customers to move them through a sales-cycle by converting leads into new customers and enhancing brand loyalty among existing customers. It is not enough to communicate brand promise to consumers – it has become essential to fulfill that promise. The critical touchpoints of marketing, purchasing, and shopping manifest in the form of customer engagement marketing.

Personalization is key to customer engagement

To create personalized messages, you must know your customer’s age, gender, education, geographic locations, and especially their interests and experiences by considering what they like and dislike.  To understand individual customer profiles, closely monitor their interactions with the brand at different times and under different circumstances.  It requires tracking their online behavior to monitor every movement by focusing on search history or how they present themselves on social media. Doing so will help you create the right type of content or marketing message to elicit the proper response for consumers to engage with the brand and get closer to it.

Tapping on consumer ego

Every consumer loves special treatment and marketers must meet their expectations by communicating with them in a way that satisfies their ego. Communicating individually makes them feel special and wins them over by addressing their interests and needs. It gives an edge to marketers because it encourages consumers to engage with the brand closely and buy products or services. Personalized messages have immense power because 79% of consumers desire to engage with a customized offer that reflects the previous interactions that they had with the brand. Consumers want to see advertisements and marketing messages that are relevant to their interests and needs instead of wasting time on irrelevant messages.

Create an emotional connection with the brand

In traditional marketing, customer engagement is a sporadic incident that happens only during purchasing. But the new concept of engagement means continuous connection with consumers by building a relationship so that there is always live contact even when there is no purchase happening. It not only helps consumers to stay in constant touch with the brand, but also creates an emotional connection that leads to long term loyalty and develops a community that backs the brand, to help with business sustainability.

Personalizing your marketing efforts

Personalized marketing revolves around creating customized content for individual users, and it requires collecting a lot of data about every customer that captures their behavior when interacting with the brand. To collect the data, you need to use a digital asset management software like Acquia Lift. It allows you to optimize and test every aspect of your marketing efforts as well as user experience. Through this type of software you will know exactly how the target audience and users arrive on your website by monitoring the way they engage with your marketing assets and the brand rather than the guesswork that you had done earlier to assess customer behavior.

How digital asset management software works

From the time the user shows interest in your products or services, subscribes to your newsletter or podcast, or likes your social media posts and tweets, every interaction will be captured by the system and logged. By analyzing this data, you gain valuable insights about user behavior that shows their preferences and interests.

Through their interactions over time, the system will create individual customer profiles or buyer personas. This helps to understand how customers felt when interacting with the brand, including which posts they liked, how many times they have viewed your video on YouTube, and which emails they have opened.  In simple words, the system will empower you with so much information that you will know about every customer inside out.

Evaluate marketing performance

By analyzing consumer behavior, you can gauge the results of your marketing efforts. If you find it falling short of your expectations, you can try new methods of customer engagement through changing the marketing messages and ads or investing in new marketing channels to draw more attention to your marketing messages.  You can do A/B testing on an ongoing basis to monitor the campaign performance. If you know the kind of ads that garner more clicks, you can channelize your efforts to create more attractive ads because it will be much more remunerative.

Targeting consumers in the right way at the individual level provides high returns, which is why customer engagement rules supreme in marketing today.

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