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boxerPart of building an extraordinary business is setting and committing to goals.  Businesses don’t grow just by inertia – creeping along and suddenly becoming an overnight success.

A friend of mine, Doug Grady, recently published an article the other day called, “Throw your hat in in the Ring!” which I thought was a great piece on committing to goals.  It is part of a book he is writing called, “The Ripple Effect.”  In the article, he talked about the difference between having a great idea and actually committing to it.  He likened it to the early days of boxing, wherein if one wanted to get into the ring to challenge another boxer, he would take off his hat and throw it into the ring, thus signifying his commitment to the challenge.

As you know, ideas are a dime a dozen.  You are probably the type of person who looks to get inspired by the world around you, and thus, have ideas peculating all day long.  If you are like me, you let the best ones float to the top and write them down.

However, it isn’t until you “Throw Your Hat in the Ring” or commit to an idea – over a specific period, that the idea has any CHANCE of getting off of the idea floor.

That said…throw your hat in the ring.  Post your commitment here…and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Have a great day!


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