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Determining the best time to go to market with your next venture.

image“There’s no time like the present!” scream the opportunists in the room.  Others prefer to sit, plan, observe, and suggest that everything must be absolutely perfect in order to go to market.  Others, still, prefer to sit back and watch others do it.

Where do you sit?  Do you struggle, each day, trying to maintain the status quo and hope that some day, one day, you will have time to launch the next big thing in your industry?  As many entrepreneurs will tell you, the best time will never come.  You’ve got to simply commit your resources to moving things forward; even if it doesn’t look exactly the way you want it to the fist step out of the gate.

Does that mean you take a spaghetti approach – throw something at the wall and see what sticks?  Of course not.  Nine times out of ten, that is an expensive waste of time and energy.  Think for a moment – businesses are more likely to fail than to succeed – what makes the difference?  Part of the reason for failure (among many) is making the best decisions with your resources.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t know, there are more brilliant products that NEVER GO TO MARKET because people are too busy planning.  Not only are they planning, they are planning what the ultimate biggest and best version of the business will be.  They often fail to see that in taking their time to go to market that someone else with the very same idea is in the process of launching.

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Either way, if you are planning on going big with your next venture – be it a successful lifestyle business or a massive global enterprise, the time to work on it is today.  If you need help on it, let me know.  Remember – Going Big = Extraordinary.

Aepiphanni Business Consulting: The Business Strategy People is an Atlanta, Georgia based Operations Management and Business Strategy Consulting Firm dedicated to serving the needs of small to medium sized business leaders. We help business leaders DESIGN| CREATE | BUILD extraordinary businesses.  We support our clients with financial management, product and service production and delivery, outsourced services management, sales & marketing and business growth.  We provide them with a number of flexible solutions to help them reach their goals.

Join us for a 30-minute complimentary Coffee & a Consult, to learn more about Aepiphanni and how we might help you move your company from existing to extraordinary.

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