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Without saying, things change in business.  Employees, vendors, technology, manufacturing practices, etc.  They not not prone to standing the test of time.  Why?  Because if nothing changed, there would be no progress.  Things change, by nature, always seeking the best of whatever situation it is in according its nature.  Plants grow toward the light.  Water runs from high points to low points.  People tend to gravitate toward each other, food and shelter. So as business leaders, how do we manage change?  Here are 10 steps to keep in mind.  Remember, the more difficulty your organization has with managing change, the greater the cost and ripple effect there will be in the organization.  Conversely, the better job business leaders do in handling change, the more confident their teams are when following. Keep in mind that things are going to change.  Be ready for it.

  1. Keep an eye on the big picture – your company’s beliefs.  These are the grounding factors that will always keep you focused and making decisions that will help your business move towards becoming the extraordinary business it has the potential to be.
  2. Evaluate the change.  Determine what is actually changing and how it will impact you and your business.
  3. Discuss the change.  Typically, gut reactions do more harm then good.  It is like throwing gas on a fire to make it burn itself out.
  4. Get focused and begin considering all of your options.  Keep in mind that change is not always bad, and things that appear to be bad might actually be something that is very good in the long run.
  5. Don’t make excuses or procrastinate.  Spending all of your time evaluating and planning, while they have their place, will not move your company to a better position in order to continue growing
  6. Organizational change is hard.  It can be frustrating, met with resistance and cause all kinds of ripples throughout the organization.  Keep your focus on how things will be once you have moved the company through the change.
  7. Keep in mind the steps that you’ve already taken.  You’ve analyzed, you’ve discussed, you’ve planned, you are moving forward, you are considering the pains of change.  It will work out.
  8. Learn.  As any support team will tell you, when you come across something new, make sure that you archive the experience so that when you or someone else runs into a similar type of change, you will be able to handle it more efficiently.
  9. Celebrate your success.  Celebrating milestones is essential for any organization.  Having your team on board with you the entire way, then celebrating the success with them, is a sure way to keep them on board for the next change – because it’s coming!
Aepiphanni Business Consulting: The Business Strategy People is an Operations Management and Business Strategy Consulting Firm dedicated to serving the needs of small to medium sized business leaders. We specialize in helping leaders create extraordinary businesses. We welcome clients in the personal and professional services industries, including Creative and Design Services, Software & IT Services, Professional Services and Specialty Consumer Services.  As always, we welcome your comments, thoughts, questions and suggestions. If you are seeking a business assessment, or have further questions about creating your strategy or developing your vision, please give me, Rick Meekins, a call at 678-265-3908, or email us at [email protected]. [wpfblike] Tweet
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