Are You a Work-aholic or a Passionate Worker

Are You a Work-aholic or a Passionate Worker

Many people are claiming they are passionate about their work, and that they are happy about working more to build their career. Work-aholism has now come to be dubbed as “the addiction of the century.” Crossing the line from working out of passion to being a workaholic takes a good toll on people’s health, family relationships, and their lifestyle. But how does one become aware of that thin line? It is time you know the difference between work-aholism and passionate work, in order to safeguard yourself from self-destructive outcomes.

Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro, in her article, “Are You a Work-aholic or a Passionate Worker?” has clearly outlined the differences between these two – which appear the same when viewed from the outside. She has analyzed top traits like internal characteristics and life management perspective. The call to action is about recognizing who you are between the two, and doing something about it.

Are you a work-aholic or a passionate worker? Which would you prefer to be and why? Do you agree with Kris that there is a distinction? If you would like to change, what would that look like?

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Are You a Work-aholic or a Passionate Worker?

By Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro

For some of you the title of this post may feel like a trick question because “work-aholism” and “passion around one’s work” may look the same on the outside.

Even the dictionary isn’t helpful: Definition of workaholic = a compulsive worker. Which begs the question:  What is compulsive?  And since “compulsion” is relative to the observer, without any clear indication of the internal motivation behind the compulsion, how does a person know if someone is motivated by passion around their work…or something more destructive?

I believe the answer to that question must be based on two things:  1) an honest analysis of one’s internal motivation, and 2) a broader look at how a person manages their whole life.  Those answers are the key to discovering whether a person has work-aholic tendencies or is simply passionate about their work.

Let’s take a few minutes and look at both areas in more detail.

Take a look at the article here.


What do you contemplate about your working hours after reading Kris’ article? Do you feel that you might need the SHIFT from being a work-aholic to being a healthier hard worker? Share your feedback below!

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