You Can’t Be CEO and COO at the Same Time

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In the words of Stroll Founder Dan Roitman, “If you’re going to grow revenue, you also need to be able to tame chaos.”

Dan runs a consulting company, Growth Harmony, which holistically helps seven and eight-figure companies go to the next level. This serial entrepreneur stopped by Modern Ontrapreneur to chat with Landon Ray about the producer vs. performer relationship, cracking the CEO / COO disparity.

Dan Roitman knows what it takes to grow a business, and playing on the leadership strengths is high on the list. Dan advises business owners that it’s important to make a decision whether they’re more the visionary type or more the operational type. He also emphasizes that if they can holistically look at the operations areas, they could really take a precision approach to the business.

In his opinion, everybody in the management team should have strategic thinking capabilities. Check out Dan’s list of business-starting do’s and don’ts in this episode of Modern Ontrapreneur.

You Can’t Be CEO and COO at the Same Time

By Dan Roitman and Landon Ray

If you can’t make the distinction between CEO and COO early on, your growth efforts are forfeit. The dichotomy exists for a reason: to strike a fine balance between big-picture projects and the delegation of finer processes. Well-versed in the granular fundamentals of starting a business, Dan Roitman stresses that the failure of a business can often be traced back to an operations oversight. It doesn’t help that most companies don’t know their own numbers, what to do with them, or how they even play into the bottom line.

I don’t believe there’s a way to really scale a business up where you’re just having to play CEO and COO together in one role. If you can’t create that separation, I feel like it really limits you.
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Sowmya Rajamani is the Social Media Manager at Aepiphanni, a Business Consultancy that provides Management Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services to business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to improve or expand operations. She periodically writes about the business growth challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners.

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