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Aepiphanni is the Small Business Consulting Firm
that helps Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Extraordinary Businesses.

Small Business Consulting Services dedicated to Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who want to build market-leading sustainable companies

Which describes your Small Business?

Startup Business: A Fresh Vision

You are really great at doing what you do. You need to keep your eyes on making lots of happy customers.

Growing: Running with Purpose've got a business with a track record of growth. You've got clients and staff and things are moving.

Established: Making Market Impact

Ready to take your business to the place where few businesses venture? Whether growing to sell or to dominate...let's get started!

Strive to Build an Extraordinary Company

You didn't start your company to be average.  You weren't just looking for a job to pay yourself.

No. You want to build something that stands out...something, perhaps, extraordinary...that thing that legends are made of.

No. You never had any intention of being average.

How We CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD Extraordinary Businesses

Growth Consulting

Performance improvement and innovative solutions for complex problems.

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Strategic Planning

Process of defining how the company will gain strategic advantage.

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Implementation Consulting

Project Management support to execute company projects.

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Business Advisory

Providing guidance to or as part of the leadership team to create and pursue extraordinary goals.

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Outsourced CxO

Outsourced support for the Leadership Team.

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Research and Analysis

In depth Business, Market, Industry and Competitive Analysis

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Social Media Marketing

A social media program designed to get results.

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Learn how to build, lead and grow an extraordinary company.

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Outsourced Business Solutions

Advisory, Management Consulting and Outsourcing for growing businesses. Learn More

How we CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD Extraordinary Businesses

Small Business Consulting

Hands on operations improvement, capacity building, growth planning and implementation for small, growing and established businesses.

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Small Business Advisory

Expert guidance and accountability program for leadership in small, growing or established companies to define. plan and implement organizational goals.

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Managed Business Solutions

Managed marketing, bookkeeping, Project Management, IT, HR and other services to meet the expanding needs of growing firms. Learn More

Leadership and Team Training & Development

Become the Extraordinary Leader you need to be in order to successfully grow, manage change and drive the vision for your extraordinary business in this flexible development program.

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Create | Design | Build an Extraordinary Business

Aepiphanni is the trusted advisor to business leaders seeking forward-thinking operational and strategic solutions to help them plan for and navigate through the challenges of business growth.

Our clients are business leaders and entrepreneurs like you who are seeking to work with a forward-thinking Small Business Consulting Firm that has the expertise, experience, alignment with their beliefs and values and is willing to go the distance.

We help business leaders and entrepreneurs
Extraordinary Businesses.

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