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Looking for a CRM system to increase sales, productivity, customer service, and retention? Aepiphanni Business Consulting can help you fully integrate your Zoho CRM project and customize it to your specific business needs. We'll provide the training and administrative support to ensure you get the most out of your Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM and its suite of products provides companies with the flexibility to enable team members to “office anywhere.”  With hundreds of integrations, incredible flexibility and continuous improvement, a Zoho Integration could revolutionize the way company does business.

Learn how Zoho Integration Services will transform your business.

Zoho CRM Consulting

Zoho CRM Consulting

Maximize the value of your Zoho CRM system. We'll work with you to document and automate your end-to-end sales processes, communications, documentation, and integrate it with your other business tools.

Zoho CRM Integration Consulting

Zoho CRM Integration

Get customized solutions that will enable you to use your Zoho CRM system to solve your company's specific needs. We'll complete the integration process, and provide your team with training and support.

Zoho CRM Administration

Zoho CRM

Leverage our ongoing support to ensure your systems work flawlessly. We will provide data cleanups, extension of capabilities, and more to ensure your Zoho CRM system continuously adapts to your company's needs.

Zoho CRM Consulting

Let us help you maximize the benefits of your Zoho CRM system. We start with process engineering by understanding who your users are, how you currently do things, what related systems or software you are using and then augment those processes to help your company become more efficient. We will identify opportunities for automation and integration to eliminate unnecessary tasks, and identify and capture key data to provide your company with greater sales intelligence.

Aepiphanni Zoho CRM Consulting
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Zoho CRM Integration

With an understanding of your business, we’ll work with you to select the appropriate Zoho products to achieve your business objectives.  We’ll help you set up and customize your systems, implement automations, and develop integrations, including individual email and phone system integrations.  Finally, we will provide you with training, customized for the way that YOU do business so that your team can execute efficiently and you can get the data in and out of the system to help make critical business decisions.

Zoho Administration

Ongoing support is crucial to your long-term success with any business system. That’s why we provide ongoing support for all your Zoho products. We will help you with license management, continuously refine workflows, make additional integrations and customizations, update APIs, conduct periodic data cleanup, and provide ongoing training as your business needs change or new people come onboard.

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Our Know-How, Your Success

Watch what one of our clients has to say about our work with BioCide Labs / Mold Test Company.

Bypass the challenges of implementing a new system by partnering with Aepiphanni Business Consulting. We know how to use Zoho products and how to integrate them with your systems to maximize your success. With our help, you can get more consistency out of your sales operations and greater access to information about those systems. You will avoid double data entry and receive complete reports that will help your company track sales operation performance, project sales, and ensure KPI’s are met. You will also have a complete picutre of your customer and their experience and interactions with your company, from the first time they visit your site through the sales process and follow-up.


ZohoCRM is a leading Customer Relationship Management software that enables companies to track the entire lifecycle of a customer. It can track web traffic, emails, phone calls, meetings, tasks deals, product, services and can be customized to do even more.

Zoho is highly customizeable and can be developed to meet the specific needs of the company. It has a lower development cost than other platforms while having the same robust capabilities to give salespeople, sales managers, and executives the valuable information they need to make decisions.

ZohoCRM integrates with 100s of other software and IoT devices to perform an extraordinary number of tasks. The basic solution has integrations that are developed by Zoho in partnership with other companies, and others that are developed and offered through the Zoho Marketplace. With basic integrations such as Microsoft 365 and Google tools, productivity and collaboration can be maximized. With Zoho’s large suite of products and its ability to integrate with so many different solutions, the capabilities for running a business are nearly unlimited for both small and growing companies.

Yes. Zoho includes Zia, an AI-powered assistant that can collect customer data, help you write documents, assess sales numbers, translate into different languages, improve productivity, increase customer response times, and much more.

It will depend on the complexity of the integration and the number of users. Custom API integrations and highly complicated sales processes will require precision in order to get them done correctly.

Yes. You will be able to see both historical and projected data, as well as to-the-moment information on dashboards so you can do your work.

Due to its highly customizable nature, Zoho can be adapted to work with many different industries.

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