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Your company could be doing more

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Your business operations shouldn't be the obstacle to your company's growth.

Growing a company that will last takes more than simply doing the same things for more customers.  Growth should be a very deliberate activity to ensure that your company has the systems, processes, direction and people to support growth.  We are passionate about leveraging Business Operations Consulting to grow successful, sustainable companies.

Business Operations Consulting

Let’s make your  company run better

  • Assess the company’s current position
  • Explore opportunities to gain strategic advantage and leverage what it does better than any other company for its market
  • Confirm the company’s direction and how to get there
  • Develop the roadmap that will guide the company’s Business Transformation.


Here's some of our work...

Construction Firm: Organizational Transformation

The owner wanted to reorganize the company, where he was the central business producer, and turn it into an organization that had great value independently of him. His goal was to scale this business in a way that allowed him to work on other projects of interest.

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IT Company: Business Operations Consulting

Our client had a successful IT Company and was working with top producers in her industry, often flying around the country to meet with them and participate in events. Her challenge was that when she traveled, she was unable to produce the work, which limited her company’s ability to grow.

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Operations Consulting for a new restaurant

Our client had a successful catering company that had outgrown its mobile kitchen and was in need of a more permanent home. We were able to guide him to find a space, build out a new restaurant that offered full service daily lunch and dinner in addition to continuation of the catering business.

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Strategic Planning

You’ve gone as far as you can on your own

You’ve done a lot of good things…but there are some things you could do better, but you aren’t sure what. It might look like:

  • Could we be more profitable?
  • We need to change some things, but where do we start?
  • Is our business model right for our business?
  • What could we be doing better or more efficiently? How?

Through a process of assessment, analysis, brainstorming, modeling and planning your company will have a clear roadmap to pursue on the path to growth.  We’ll be there to help you implement it and enjoy the outcomes.

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Operations Technology

Make your OpsTech work for you

Don’t get technology for the sake of technology.  Get the right tech stack and leverage it to support your infrastructure:

  • Automate manual processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Custom reports and dashboards to track KPI data
  • Integrate different software solutions to streamline processes
  • Avoid gaps in the flow of information

The right technology in business operations can give your company the advantage it needs to win in your marketplace.

Let’s quick kicking rocks and get down to business.

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