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How Business Operations Consulting – Operations Improvement, Business Operations and Aepiphanni Strategic Planning. Have lightbulb moments that can help you build and extraordinary  company.

How Your Company can do Business Operations Better

If you only do what you’ve done, you’ll never do what you could.

Business Operations Consulting is the practice of making a company simply run better, expand capabilities and capacity, or establish a platform or infrastructure that will support business growth. As companies go through different stages of growth, business operations become more complex and require the company to change to meet the new requirements.

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We leverage the Aepiphanni Strategic Framework to identify gaps and opportunities, and work with you to create and design a clear path forward to help you build an extraordinary business. 

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Business Operations Consulting - Operations Improvement

Run Operatons Better

Business Operations Improvement Helps you Do more with less.

A business that runs well is a business that costs less to run. It is more efficient and  more profitable.  Teams that work in well run organizations tend to be more content with their work, lowering turnover and improving productivity.

When you invest in improving the way your business runs – whether as a result of a business disruption or re-aligning it while going through a marketplace change, the goal is to reduce costs without compromising the value proposition to your customers.

How we do it.

Our Business Operations Improvement practice is designed to allow us to work with you and your team to make sure that gaps in your company’s operation are identified and addressed while improving the company’s overall profitability and customer value. In other words: we find ways to enhance your marketplace presence, operate better and improve both sales and profit.

Tactics we often implement include process engineering, system engineering – which is how people, processes and technology work together, business architecture, software implementation, process automation, financial modeling and short, mid and long-term strategic planning.

Once we’ve worked with you to build a plan to go forward, we help you implement it, and even help you assemble a team to support it.

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Expand Business Operations

Scale your Business Operations

Build an Extraordinary Company

As your company grows, you essentially have three different ways to continue that growth:

  • Offer additional products and services
  • Expand your customer base
  • Operate in different areas – whether physically or virtually

Many times, this expansion means that you are going to have to add more capabilities to your team, whether adding additional roles or divisions or simply centralizing management to gain an “above the weeds” perspective on running your business.

How we Expand BizOps

Leveraging our Aepiphanni Strategic Framework, we can help you determine where your business needs to expand to meet both current and future demand levels for your company in order to remain competitive and amplify its strategic advantages – the combination of skills, experiences and resources that it has that enables it to  do what it does better than any other firm. 

This is a strategic approach, one in which we seek to discover opportunities for your company and ensure that your company has the infrastructure to support the growth.  Our goal is not to simply go through the motions, but rather, to help you build an extraordinary company.

Aepiphanni Business Strategy

aepiphanni business strategy

Grow Brilliantly

There are two ways to grow your business. You can hope your are lucky enough, or your can plan.

Aepiphanni Business Strategy is about finding or creating new “lightbulb” opportunities in the marketplace that allows you to stand out and promote what you do best to people who want to buy what you do. So instead of competing with the entire market, you are able to promote what is clearly different about what you are offering.

We call companies like this extraordinary.

How we Build Extraordinary Companies

We believe that companies that stand out in the marketplace are companies that have a sustainable future. They are what we call “Legacy Businesses.”

When we help companies plan for growth, we do it under the context of helping companies find or implement new opportunities that will allow them to clearly differentiate between other companies that they compete with. From their products and services, to their business model to their client experience, to their sales and marketing techniques, our focus is on helping our clients build extraordinary companies.

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