How Your Company Gains Strategic Advantage

Outperform your competitors.

Maneuver with agility when the marketplace changes.

Develop new ways to blow your customers’ minds.

Use our business strategy experience to catapult your company to new levels of performance.

Your business needs an effective roadmap for success.

We'll show you the way.

Smart Business Growth Begins with
Business Strategy Consulting

We build high-performing, cohesive business operations with aligned sales & marketing, products & services, finance and accounting, HR and vendor management, management and leadership.

Whether you have 1 employee or dozens, Aepiphanni specializes in offering our clients like you customized Business Strategy Services to help you build a company that stands out in the marketplace.

We are your trusted advisors, committed to delivering solutions to help you meet and overcome the challenges related to business growth.

Make your own luck!

There are two ways people get lucky in business:

  • You can hope your are lucky enough and pray that you are in the right place at the right time, or
  • You can plan and create your own luck.

Business Strategy

Leverage Business Strategy to find new opportunities in the marketplace that will allow your company to stand out and become the company you envisioned. So instead of competing with the entire marketplace, you are able to promote what is clearly different about what you are offering to a market that is interested and able to buy.


Innovation is the process that is used to bring a new idea or approach to market that will create a new strategic advantage for your company.

We do both.

Leveraging both gives your company a marketplace opportunity that will be difficult to duplicate and give it the strategic advantage to win.

Sure – you can keep doing what you’ve always done.  Or, you could pursue an opportunity to do better – to build something that is extraordinary.  

Let’s get started.

Out-perform your competitors
with strategic planning

business strategy meeting

Strategic Planning Sessions

Strategic planning sessions can be as short as a half-day session to address a specific issue or a multi-day series.  These sessions are designed for your company to meet the objectives you have, whether:

  • Short-term planning – 1 year scope
  • Long-term planning – 3-5 year scope
  • Addressing specific organizational/operational goals
  • Identifying ways to gain strategic advantage

What strategic planning looks like


Identify specifically the goals that we want to address/challenges the business is facing.


The guided session will lead participants through a series of activities that will help to identify priorities, obstacles, opportunities and other factors.  

Strategy Development

The company will receive the roadmap that outlines the goals, strategic initiatives, and timelines based on the outcome of the session(s).


Quarterly post session advisory will help to ensure that implementation remains on track and that changes in goals and initiatives are reflected in the plan.

Business strategy consulting is only the beginning of the story.

You don’t need an expensive binder with great ideas sitting on your shelf or in a file on your computer.  To maximize the value of your strategic plan, you need implementation.

We’ll lead the way to work with you to implement your strategic plan with our Business Transformation services, with subject matter experts to ensure that you are getting the level of support to make your vision reality.

Improve performance, expand operations or pursue marketplace differentiation.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, whether you have 1 employee or 100, every dollar counts. Every dollar spent is a decision. We get that.  Equip your business with the tools to build an extraordinary company.

More than Strategy - Implementation​

business strategy implementation

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