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Strategy consulting is where solutions are born, business transformation is where they grow up.

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Business Transformation is how
Strategic Planning Initiatives are Implemented

No company ever gets better by staying the same.  No company attains marketplace leadership by hoping to get better.  In order for a company to integrate new ideas, new concepts or significant business changes, a business must take a specific, guided approach that increases the likelihood of successful implementation. In business, that process of implementation and integration is known as Business Transformation.

Digital Transformation: Software Selection, Implementation, and Integration

Ready to let go of paper and spreadsheets for reporting?  Need to centralize operations and information from multiple units?  Need to connect with your team in the field in real time to understand their progress on a job?  Need to automate manual tasks and save time and labor on repeated activities?  Need a tech stack that works together?

Anyone can go out and purchase software for their company.  Getting the right tech stack, customizing it for your business needs and maximizing your return on investment takes a commitment to doing it right.

Business Transformation IRL...

ZohoCRM Transportation Company

ZohoCRM Customization and Implementation

Our client offered their customer a local delivery for their ecommerce business. They would need a solution that would be robust and flexible enough to meet their requirements while making financial sense for a young organization. Through our research, we found that ZohoCRM would e the best solution for the company.

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System and Process Engineering

Streamline Operations Through Standardization

A key feature every successful business has is consistency.  Consistency is born in process engineering, process automation and systems integration.

Process engineering is designing and documenting the way things done in your organization so that as you grow and expand, things continue to be done the same way.  You know who is to do what, who is responsible and what the expected outcomes should be.

Process automation is using technology to complete some or all of the steps in a process in order to get a task or set of tasks done more efficiently.

Systems integration is the way people, process and technology work together to get a task or a set of tasks completed.

Business transformation is how companies successfully navigate these changes in order to develop productive, consistent workforces.

Business Architecture

Business Architecture strengthens your infrastructure.

Business architecture is the process of putting the right people, departments, teams and communication in place to help a company run more efficiently. This might look like centralizing operations for a multi-unit franchise,  designing the next phase of your business model to support growth, creating job descriptions to improve efficiency and throughput or modeling how new units will be staffed and run.

Process Engineering

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