The Mystery of Business Growth

The Mystery of Business Growth

How does one grow their company without losing sight of where they began?

A good friend of mine started out with his business many years ago with the goal of making a positive impact in his industry. This is one of those idealist dreams many new business owners have before they get hit with the “Real World.” His industry is known for curruption, under-handed deals, stuff “falling off the back of the truck,” etc. Believe me…it was as dirty as dirty comes.

Despite his knowledge of all of this, he pursued, and started out the business with high hopes. He created great value statements, paid everyone what they were worth, provided paid internships for students. Basically did all of the “right things” for several years…until he got burned.


Then he was offered a deal…it was ‘slightly’ shady, but not completely off the charts. It was something that would be a short term fix to some financial issues he was having. It would be a one-time deal and no one would know. Well, no one found out. It was quick, easy, and the benefits could not be denied. But then, there was another deal and the money was good. You can see where this was going.

Is this common? Sure. It happens every day. What could have prevented it? What would prevent it in your business?

If I were to say, he should have a sense of character and ethics and stand by it, I would say that he had it. Problem was, he lost his focus. He forgot the reason he was in business to begin with. He compromised his standards. He had no accountability.

In your business, who do you report to? While your pride may say that you are the only one, you are the boss and report to no one, we all do, be it our customers, our industry, our staff. While we have a job to do in our business, we have a bigger job to do for our communities, our families and our sense of purpose.

If you want to grow your business, don’t get off the track. Have focus. Set goals. Get a mentor or someone you can be accountable to. Maintain your ethics and your character. Have a sense of business beliefs and never, never, never give up!

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