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Meet Rick Meekins

Rick Meekins Operations and Strategy Consultant

Position: Managing Partner

Expertise: Operations & Strategy Consulting

Years experience: 25 years+

Highest Degree: MBA focus on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Alma Mater: Northeastern University,┬áD’Amore-McKim School of Business

Rick Meekins is an experienced entrepreneur and operations and strategy management professional who works with business leaders to improve operations and design strategies for business growth.

Mr. Meekins is a creative thinker who seeks out ways to combine seemingly unrelated lines of thinking to develop unique approaches to solving problems. He is a big-picture thinker with the ability to boil concepts down to the detail level. He is known for turning complex challenges into practical solutions.

His education spans music, Culinary Arts, Business Management, Project Management, Organizational Development, Business Strategy, Business Operations, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Design and Innovation. His graduate studies culminated in an MBA from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.

As a Management Consultant, Mr. Meekins has worked with business leaders around the world to design, review and/or enhance their business’s operational structure and to drive organization strategy. He and his staff has designed taken on transitional roles such as Operations Manager, General Manager, Program Manager, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing and Sales Manager.

Expertise includes business analysis and providing operational and strategic direction in business development, business model design, sales and marketing system design, product and service development, financial modeling, business architecture, business strategy and business and operational planning. He is adept with computers and using web-based and PC based software and comfortable working in a virtual environment.

He authors a regular blog, has published a number of articles, been featured in many interviews and has been well received at speaking engagements.