AEP IMPULSE: The Strategic Business Blog

Over the past 18 years, we’ve put together hundreds of resources that you can use to build or grow your company.  Many of them are amassed in AEP IMPULSE: the Strategic Business Blog our archive of articles that goes all the way back to 2005.

Aepiphanni Off the Cuff

In the past two years since before the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched Aepiphanni Off the Cuff – a podcast and YouTube show that highlights guests who share their experiences as entrepreneurs in areas such as staying the course, mental health, spiritual drive, personal leadership and raising capital. 

Samples of Our Work

Lastly, you will find samples of how we’ve worked with companies and non-profits to establish and pursue strategic goals for their companies. 

Be inspired.

Aepiphanni Small Business Resources
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AEP IMPULSE: The Strategic Business Blog

Aepiphanni: Off the Cuff Podcast

Cases: Results of Our Work

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