Strategic Planning for Atlanta After School Program

Strategic planning with the focus on organizational development and developing a blueprint that would guide the company toward a establishing a scalable model.

Strategic Planning for Atlanta After School Program

Strategic planning with the focus on organizational development and developing a blueprint that would guide the company toward a establishing a scalable model.

Project Overview:

We were contacted by a Top Rated Atlanta After School program that was in need of a business assessment and strategic planning to help map out their long-term vision.
One of the top Atlanta, GA afterschool programs reached out to us for assistance with strategic planning.  The owner, having developed a successful organization, was interested in determining in what direction they should grow over the following years. The organization was operating four different school locations, an offsite program and a summer camp. They not only had a relatively large client base but had also received great accolades and national recognition for their work.  While this driven, successful entrepreneur had built an extraordinary organization, she wanted to get some guidance on how to move her company beyond its current status and what in what opportunities exist. This was characteristic of many clients with whom we work, who approach us looking towards scaling their business efficiently and effectively.



The strategic planning program included several workshops that would help us uncover the information we would need to gather to drive the recommendations we would ultimately make. During our assessment we worked with the owner and the staff through a series of interviews and assessments in addition to performing secondary research to help them further understand the industry, their market and their competitors.  This information supported development of a SWOT analysis which helped to drive recommendations and identify opportunities which we would present to them as part of recommendation on how to address the findings.  One of our objectives would be to enable the owner to run the organization without having to spend virtually all her waking time managing everything that was going on in and around the organization. It became clear to us that she was frustrated with her role as the operations manager. 
Based on our findings, we found that the best approach for the organization would be to create a blueprint for the organization.  This would include designing a structure for the owner that would support her desire to capitalize on her entrepreneurial mindset and move beyond her role of an operations manager. To be an effective leader, she would need to focus on working on the business instead of working in the business. The solution we designed would help her transition from being the sole resource for every member of management team, to becoming an effective leader who would drive the organizational vision, empower her team to make decisions and drive performance and delegate work that she did not need to take responsibility for. Overall, our strategy focused on two key issues: internally on the developing the team and elevating how they work together, and externally on opportunities the business could pursue that would further enhance their success. 



The execution of strategic planning projet would result in the outcomes the client was seeking: Managers were empowered which had a direct impact on their productivity. In turn, the managers were able to empower the employees under them. Better decisions were made more quickly related to hiring, purchasing, programs and so on.  This created huge momentum for the organization and was essentially the core of what they had wanted to achieve when they approached us. It also empowered the owner on a higher level, enabling her to look for new opportunities. A good example was getting a partnership with a national organization to develop a new curriculum and program for new students coming in. We helped the client look at what the next steps would look like and set the right tone for sustainable growth.  As a result of what we were able to CREATE|DESIGN|BUILD, the client enjoyed the following results: 
  • Won additional awards for excellence in their field 
  • Expanded in terms of partnering with a national organization 
  • Expanded in terms of moving into additional areas 
  • Enhanced the offsite program to support more programs to more students

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