Five Most Common Entrepreneurial Challenges on the Road to Success

Five Most Common Entrepreneurial Challenges on the Road to Success

Entrepreneurship is an extremely exciting and challenging job that is unmatched by any other. Every day could be presenting new opportunities and every day you may encounter a whole new challenge. Tackling new challenges and coming out victorious is the key to be a successful entrepreneur. Here are some of the challenges that come on the way of your entrepreneurial journey.

Delegating Different Responsibilities

An entrepreneur cannot run a one-man show. and must delegate a few tasks or responsibilities to achieve greater efficiency and optimum productivity. You must hire or outsource the services of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated people. You may need to pay slightly higher salaries, but the time-saving factor would make up for it. You also must have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for.

Determining What to Sell

You have the confidence, determination, and the capacity to make a business click, but simply do not know what specific product or service to focus on selling. If you are not able to identify a prosperous niche, delegate this task to someone who is capable and strong in this field.

It doesn’t have to be the services of a huge, expensive and highly reputed marketing agency. You could hire a competent freelance researcher with the right qualifications and the experience in the business. Let the professionals conduct relevant market research and present a report to you suggesting appropriate niches supported by expected profit margins and a comprehensive SWOT analysis that includes a detailed report on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to your prospective business.

Once the experts present their suggestions, determine which you would like to pursue and make the final choice. This will save you a tremendous amount of time, give your business more focus, and likely increase your livelihood, too.

Adopting the Right Marketing Strategy

You may encounter the challenge of deciding which would be the best marketing strategy for promoting your products or services. You need to identify the best marketing channel whether online, mobile, print or social media advertising. Your intention is to effectively maximize your ROI with a targeted marketing strategy.

Again, you must not waste time in fruitless deliberations; instead, acknowledge that specialized jobs must be entrusted to qualified professionals. If you think that you are not proficient in creating effective marketing plans and advertising strategies, outsource this specialized task to a marketing expert who will design a core marketing strategy that would boost your business visibility and lead to conversions. Specify a marketing budget and let the marketing specialist get back to you with a solid plan within your that budget rather than wasting valuable time and golden opportunities experimenting with what’s best for you.

Tackling Investment Shortages

When you are starting your own entrepreneurial venture, you simply cannot consider it to be a get-rich-fast project. You must appreciate that it involves a lot of time and dedication to launch a new business, and even longer and more determination to run a profitable business in the end. Indeed, you may have to go through years of disappointments and losses before you witness and experience the fruits of the first profitable year. It is almost anticipated that you would be experiencing a shortage of business capital so you must become slightly more creative about raising funds. You could apply to the traditional financial institutions and banks for business loans or borrow funds from your family or friends, use your savings, and even develop income from a side job for investing in your new entrepreneurial venture.

Make sure that your business does not get hampered due to lack of cash. Nothing should come in the way of achieving your business goals, least of all shortage of funds. There are several ways of organizing cash for startups. Knock at the right door: Once you take out business loans or borrow money from friends and family, make sure that you are making the monthly repayments timely. Do not get into the vicious cycle of debts. If you find yourself sinking into insurmountable debts, browse debt settlement reviews online and take proactive steps at once.

Cash Flow Management Issues

Efficient cash flow management is pivotal to business growth and success and integral to the survival and success of a small business. Yet entrepreneurs are finding it really difficult to pay their bills as they are waiting for checks to arrive. This is an issue of delayed invoicing that is pretty common in the world of business. You are supposed to perform a task then send your invoice and wait a minimum of 30 days to get paid. But while you are doing that you are also expected to make your payments to your contractors, your employees, or mortgage, grocery bills, etc. If you wait to get paid before paying those bills, things could become really tough; and in the event a client fails to pay, you are at grave risk of losing everything.

Effective planning and meticulous budgeting are essential for maintaining smooth cash flow. A better way of boosting cash flow is to ask for a down payment for all your services or products. Make sure that the down payment would be covering everything including all your expenses relating to a particular project, plus some profit. When you ask for a down payment, you can then rest assured that you will not have to pay others’ bills out of your own pocket; and by incorporating some profit into the down payment; you are just making sure that you can pay yourself, too.

Another effective strategy for boosting cash flow is to request faster invoice payments. Consider invoicing customers within fifteen days instead of thirty. Therefore, if a client is late on his payments, you will still have time to address the issue and actually get paid before the bills for the next month are due.

You may also consider attacking the cash flow issue from the opposite side of your equation. Request your vendors to submit invoices at an interval of 45, 60, or 90 days to allow adequate time for all your payments to come and all the customer checks to clear. You simply need to establish a strong bond and a good relationship with all your vendors, then explain your business strategy to them clearly. They would likely agree to work with you once they understand your motive behind the request. When they get their payments consistently, they will understand your point.


We have discussed some of the most common challenges faced by entrepreneurs in their journey toward a great vision. Everyone would not be encountering the same challenges. Entrepreneurs usually succeed in their mission only after facing challenges or experiencing failures. Remember, failures are the pillars of success. Creative and novel ideas often occur when confronted with difficulties. Once you understand that hard work will culminate in ultimate success, you will overcome all obstacles that come your way.

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