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When it’s Time to Up Your Sales Game with Todd Callen

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How much thought do you put into growing and developing your sales team? Because your sales team is crucial to the growth and success of your company, you should invest in the best when it comes to sales management. But often, that’s an area which is overlooked by many business owners who think they can “do it all” and don’t need to outsource when it comes to sales.

Todd Callen is an outsource sales advisor/leader who has been in sales management for over 25 years. Currently, he uses his expertise to help small to mid-sized companies in the Atlanta area scale their growth by managing their sales teams. Business owners call on Todd when they hit a wall in their sales department. You can take his Sales Agility Assessment to see where you stand in your sales department.

In this episode of Season 2 of Aepiphanni: Off the Cuff, Todd Callen and our hosts, Rick and Hazel, chat about:

  • When business owners hit a wall and need to call in an outsource sales advisor
  • CRMs—what they are and what they can do for your sales department
  • The importance of delegating sales management
  • What sufficient compensation for your sales team members looks like
  • How good compensation drives your sales team to perform at their maximum potential
  • How to effectively run a sales team in a remote setting
  • How to be an effective salesperson in a remote setting