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How to Exit Your Business with Style

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How to Exit Your Business and Feel Like You’ve Won!

Welcome to this insightful episode where we delve into the world of business strategy and exit planning with Allen Terrell Gregory, a seasoned expert in digital marketing and business acquisitions.


In this conversation, Allen Terrell Gregory discusses the process of exiting a business with style. He emphasizes the importance of preparing a business for sale by creating standard operating procedures and building a management team. Allen also highlights the need for business owners to separate their identity from the business and retain equity in order to stay involved post-sale. He shares insights on buyer concerns, the importance of proper accounting, and the challenges of acquiring Facebook and Meetup groups. Allen’s favorite aspects of the process include strategy development and public speaking.


  • Prepare your business for sale by creating standard operating procedures and building a management team.
  • Separate your identity from the business and retain equity to stay involved post-sale.
  • Ensure proper accounting practices to increase the value of your business.
  • Consider diversifying your products and services to make your business more attractive to buyers.


00:00: Introduction and Overview
00:39: Background and Experience
02:10: Challenges of Exiting a Business
03:01: Preparing for Business Exit
04:28: Creating Standard Operating Procedures
06:02: Transitioning from Technician to Business Owner
07:14: Building a Management Team
08:07: Maintaining Identity and Involvement
09:53: Retaining Equity and Consulting
11:48: Buyer Concerns and Due Diligence
12:25: Importance of Proper Accounting
14:03: Product/Service vs. Business Structure
15:42: Diversifying Products and Services
16:46: Preferred Types of Businesses to Acquire
20:21: Hands-On Approach to Acquisitions
21:48: Transitioning Ownership and Culture
23:13: Challenges of Acquiring Facebook and Meetup Groups
25:11: Favorite Aspects of the Process
27:08: Timeframe for Preparing a Business for Sale
28:17: Seller’s Experience and Challenges
30:28: Experience of the Buyer
32:51: Upcoming Coaching Program
33:37: Speaking Engagements and Contact Information
You can reach him here:
You can reach him here:


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