MaxFab: Get Your Mind Right
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MaxFab: Get Your Mind Right

Dave Nordel is the founder and owner of MaxFab Consulting providing keynote leadership, organizational growth, and strategic guidance, and he is actively involved in using his journey with PTSD and moral injury to help transitioning veterans and other victims of trauma deal with the condition in a healthy manner. He is an active mentor and speaks to young leaders to aid their development and future successes. He continues to give back the gifts he has collected along the way.


In this episode, Rick and David discuss various topics related to personal and professional growth. They explore the concept of the relentless pursuit of winning and the importance of being the CEO of your own life. David shares his background growing up on a farm and his military experience, highlighting the lessons he learned along the way. They delve into overcoming challenges such as PTSD and alcohol abuse, and the role of transparency and sharing knowledge in personal development.

The conversation also touches on building a life team, attracting the right people, and shifting from a victim mindset to an owner mindset. They emphasize the power of love, appreciation, and the importance of perspective in facing challenges. The conversation with David Nordel covers topics such as gratitude, knowledge sharing, personal growth, and taking action. Nordel emphasizes the importance of gratitude and perspective in life, highlighting the blessings and privileges we often overlook.

He also discusses the power of knowledge and the need for sharing information to drive progress. Nordel introduces Johari’s Window as a framework for understanding self-awareness and the growth space. He encourages listeners to embrace the unknown, take risks, and learn from failures. The conversation concludes with information on how to connect with David Nordel.


  • Embrace the relentless pursuit of winning in all aspects of life.
  • Take ownership of your life and be the CEO of your own journey.
  • Surround yourself with a supportive life team and be intentional about who you let into your inner circle.
  • Transparency and sharing knowledge are key to personal and professional growth.
  • Shift from a victim mindset to an owner mindset and take control of your circumstances.
  • Express love and appreciation to those around you and prioritize meaningful connections.
  • Maintain a positive perspective and find opportunities for growth in challenges.


  • 00:00: Introduction and Rebranding
  • 02:55: Military Experience and Leadership
  • 05:19: Being the CEO of Your Life
  • 14:07: The Importance of Team and Mentors
  • 20:00: Crafting a Vision and Leadership
  • 24:59: Turning Challenges into Strengths
  • 37:12: Knowledge is Power
  • 40:47: Taking Action
  • 41:52: Connecting with David Nordel
You can reach him here:
Dave Nordel

Dave is a retired United States Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant with over 30 years of service; he holds a bachelor’s degree in registered nursing specializing in emergency medicine and a master’s degree in disaster and emergency management. Dave is a Bronze Star combat-decorated medic and the recipient of the Legion of Merit, our nation’s 6th highest military decoration.

Dave is the son of a third generation Portuguese family and was raised in the dairy farming environment in Orland California, he attended Orland High School and left a year after graduation and working the harvest – leaving home at 19 to join the Air Force and ascended through the enlisted ranks to culminate as the senior enlisted leader for all nuclear missile forces in the United States.

He currently lives in Billings Montana where ironically another Orkand native lives and works – He is the author of the international best-selling books Giving Back – Life and Leadership from the Farm to the Combat Zone and Beyond and When the Cows Lie Down – Why people quit you – their Leader.


To get a signed copy of all 3 books, visit the website and place your request –

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