Why New Leaders Should Make Decisions Slowly

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Climbing the corporate ladder is a “must do” for any head of household who chooses a non-entrepreneurial career.  Each step up the ladder typically means more income and benefits which supports the lifestyle they desire for their families.  In addition, advancement often requires more leadership responsibilities.

A person’s first leadership role is generally both exciting and unnerving.  Most people do not diligently watch their supervisors throughout their early career making notes of how to lead, and how not to lead, in order to prepare themselves for a future leadership role. Instead, leadership is something most people “fall into” later and figure out as they go along.

According to an article titled “Why New Leaders Should Make Decisions Slowly” on Harvard Business Review, author Constance Dierickx states, “Despite their training and experience, a full 74% of new leaders say they are unprepared for the new role, and in 18 months nearly half of them disappoint or fail entirely. In many cases, leaders either judge too quickly, making snap decisions that prove to be ill advised, or wait interminably to “gather more facts,” only for the critical moment to slip away.”

That’s a sobering statistic for young professionals, especially those newly hired to an organization. Despite those odds, Dierickx provides three strategies new leaders can implement to avoid failing at their first leadership role.

  1. Manage the urge to “do something” immediately to prove yourself by learning about your new environment first and selecting your actions wisely based on knowledge
  2. Gather information from a wide variety of resources to have a well-rounded view of what’s actually happening in your department and the organization as a whole
  3. Choose only one critical area of change during the first year

Every leadership role will be a different experience.  However, by utilizing those three strategies any new leader is sure to experience more success than failure during their first year.  To read the rest of Dierickx’s article, click here.

Credit: hbr.org

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