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Aepiphanni is the trusted advisor for business leaders seeking forward-thinking operational and strategic solutions to help them plan for and navigate through business growth.

We have effectively helped our clients improve business operations in the areas of business development, organizational development, marketing, sales, management and leadership development, software solutions identification, customization and implementation, product development and system and process engineering.

Our clients are business leaders seeking to work with a results-oriented, client-focused firm that with the goals of:

  • Creating innovative solutions to meet business challenges
  • Designing and development tools, processes and systems to operate more efficiently and
  • Building a solid infrastructure that will support present and future business needs.

We are committed to providing our resources and expertise to professional and consumer service-oriented businesses, from single location and virtual firms to $50M firms. Our flexible service offerings enable us to provide the right services for our clients, where they are in the business cycle, to help them CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD extraordinary businesses.

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What we Do

Strategy, Operations and Innovation encompass our consulting offerings, which we deliver through advisory support, consulting and operations management.

Our engagements may have the appearance of weekly, bit-weekly or monthly goal-oriented meetings with leadership (advisory), specific project work such as identifying and implementing a new business management software, process engineering or strategic planning (consulting), or taking on the role of the company COO, which might look like working with our clients to help run the company (Operations Management).

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