How Do Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Make the Organization Better?

Diversity in the workplace brings harmony among employees, bolstering the company’s reputation, hastening decision-making, and promoting comparative advantage.

How Do Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Make the Organization Better?

People are different in many aspects as they exhibit characteristics and qualities that set them apart. The diversity in race, sexuality, and gender identity can be witnessed across multiple setups in the workplace.

Other types of diversity in the workplace may include:

  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Income
  • Beliefs
  • National origin
  • Citizenship status
  • Upbringing
  • Physical abilities and disabilities
  • Personalities

What constitutes diversity? Diversity is an amalgamation of different causal factors such as unique genetic predispositions, education, and individual experiences. Such differences in the workplace not only present significant advantages but are an asset to any organization which encompasses them. They allow employees to connect, complement, and learn from each other.

This article seeks to explore the following issues:

  • Why diversity is important and the need to embrace it
  • How to ensure there is diversity in the workplace and its importance in the company’s values
  • Formulating policies to ensure diversity.
  • How to be an extraordinary business

Why Is Diversity Important in The Workplace?

Why is diversity a major factor in business or organization? The fact is it cannot be underrated. Any visionary business needs to grow and appreciate diversity among its employees. The following are some important areas of diversity in the workplace:

Innovation and Creativity

Employees with diverse backgrounds are multi-talented, skilled, and experienced in the workplace. This boosts innovation and creativity in an organization. An innovative company normally has a comparative advantage over the rest.

Expansion in Customers Base

Diversity in the workplace comes with the ability to offer different strategies, fresh thinking, perspectives, and techniques that target different customers. Various classes of customers can find something unique that resonates with them since the minds behind the products or services are also unique.

Good Company’s Reputation

Diversity also enhances a company’s reputation. Research by PWC shows that a good reputation helps a company to attract and retain good talents. In fact, many people think diversity in a business or organization is one of its corporate social responsibilities.

Improved team performance

A diverse leadership finds a natural motivation within its team. Members have different backgrounds and experiences, which complement the greater team to deliver effectively. A publication by Deloitte shows that inclusive leadership improves team performance by 17%.

Better decision making

Occasionally, a workplace can be uncomfortable when answers are not forthcoming. Worse still, such discomfort is witnessed when projects get stuck in the mud without any sign of progress. Diversity may be the magic key. Creating a diverse team will likely facilitate decision-making as everyone contributes to speed up the process.

What Are the Consequences of a Lack of Diversity in The Workplace?

What if a company ignores the importance of diversity in a place of work? There are negative impacts of failing to embrace diversity in an organization. For instance, employees may feel isolated and misunderstood. They can also lose faith and hope in the future of an organization. An organization can risk losing talented, qualified, hardworking, and loyal employees.

Therefore, it is important to embrace diversity in the workplace. All employees must feel accepted and appreciated regardless of age, culture, gender, and orientation. It will make employees feel part of the organization and appreciated and boost their self-esteem. The impact will, in return, bring positive results to the entire business.

How Can You Ensure There Is Diversity in The Workplace?

It is good news that many companies have embraced diversity in their workplaces. However, there is still room for improvement for organizations that still struggle to embrace the power of diversity fully. Achieving diversity in the workplace requires commitment, which can only be realized by:

Making the Workplace More Inclusive

Creating new policies or amending the current ones to accommodate employees with diverse backgrounds may be a great step towards embracing diversity in the workplace. It could be recruitment, performance, or evaluation policies.

Conducting Diversity Training

Not everyone in an organization recognizes the importance of diversity in the workplace. Therefore, conducting diversity training for top management will be key to achieving an all-inclusive team. Training can usher in cultural and sensitivity awareness within the organization.

Celebrating Employees’ Differences

Encouraging employees to share their cultural, traditional, and religious backgrounds and practices is an important step in ensuring that people appreciate diversity in the workplace. It will send a message of uniqueness and the importance of accommodating each other for the benefit of the business.

Strengthening Anti-Discriminatory Policies

Having anti-discriminatory policies in your workplace may not be adequate. Nonetheless, strengthening the policies will improve their effectiveness. Occasional review of the same and reporting results to the top management can also be significant.

Embrace New Technologies

Research shows that the hiring process tends to be generally biased. To eliminate it, the Human Resources team should acquire tools that improve the hiring process by abolishing discrimination. Even buildings and facilities should be designed to grant access to people with physical disabilities.


Be an Extraordinary Business

The dream of any business is not to die midway, but to expand and make an impact. It calls for an organization to be extraordinary to gain a competitive edge and realize success by overcoming challenges in the market. But how can a company be extraordinary? One of the ways is by embracing diversity in the workplace.

It is unwise to undermine the importance of diversity in the workplace. An organization that embraces diversity will have a competitive advantage, better team performance and decision-making, and an enhanced reputation. It not only elevates a company’s performance but also makes it extraordinary. Be an extraordinary company!

Aepiphanni has mastered and benefited from the secret of embracing diversity in the workplace. Apart from having employees from across the world with diverse cultural, educational, and ethnic backgrounds, it has also helped many businesses embrace diversity as part of their organizational culture.

Are you new to the path of diversity in the workplace or have started but need some guidance? Our Aepiphanni team would love to walk with you on the journey to realize full success in this critical area. Click here to reach out to Aepiphanni for an initial consultation.


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