Okay…my site has LOTS of traffic…now SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

The short and sweet of it…WEBSITE CONVERSION. Yep…that is what we are looking at and talking about when you want to actually make some money off of the website you’ve spent so much money on to do everything in the world but fry eggs. Or, for that matter, for the one-page site that you are using to promote whatever product or service you are selling, reselling or just want people to know about. It’s what makes people click the, “Pay Now” button on your site.

How do you find out about your conversion rates? Well, it is as simple as looking at the amount of unique traffic (using your website as your home page will get you a BUNCH of views, but only counts as one unique visitor!) versus the number of sales you’ve gotten from that traffic. Okay…simplify, they always tell me…if you get 500 new visitors to your site over the course of a week, and only 10 of them purchase, you might want to look at a website conversion strategy.

A website conversion strategy is one where you will look at different parts of your website, your business, your advertising (where you advertise and to whom) and your keywords – basically, how people are finding you, and when they do, what are they looking for and looking at on your site. Of course, this takes TIME!, and time is a resource that is always in short supply. None the lest, to get the best return on the money you’ve put out for your website, you might want to make this part of your marketing strategy.

Next question: Where do I find more about this phenomenon? Well, get educated on it first…check out Google. They have a website optimizer within their AdWords product. Also, do your internet search, but look before you leap! Like anything else, there are business out their who are simply parasites that will leach dollars out of your company for little to no return.

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