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Episode 5 | Balancing Instinct and Statistics in Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

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How will you maintain a balance between data and emotions? Rick and Ingrid explore the answer to this question and the responsibilities of entrepreneurial decision-making in Off the Cuff’s 5th episode.

As an entrepreneur, you’re most likely making a hundred and one decisions on a daily basis. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or to have that fear of making the wrong one. Another thing to factor in is the reality that choosing the next move is not as objective as one would like to think. What you want and what your instinct is telling you will also play a major role in the whole process.

In this episode:

  • Making decisions and keeping yourself accountable as a leader
  • The rewards of tough decisions
  • Why you need to take care of yourself first as an entrepreneur
  • The steps to take when making a decision
  • Why you should factor in what you want when taking the next step
  • Balancing gut instinct with data and statistics
  • On risk aversion and getting the ball rolling